Thursday, 1 March 2012

ATT: Global Oil Reserves are Running out – Alternatives?


The problem with oil is that its a non renewable resource. What oil we have 26663en_USI_Out of oilon earth is all we will ever have. And what we have left will run out sooner than anybody anticipated…

In fact – in 1960 oil production peaked. Meaning that in 1960 oil productions was at its highest and since then its been on a steady decline. That was 40 years ago. Back then oil was very easy to find – one barrel of oil was used to extract 100 barrels of oil . Today it is required to drill deeper and venture deep off coast to get oil – today one barrel is used to get 10 barrels.

In a documentary called ‘’there's no tomorrow’’ its explains very nicely what we are facing – i recommend all to watch it.

To give you an idea of the rate we are running out – in 1960 6 barrels was fund for every one used. An increase. But nowadays one barrels of oil is found for every 6 used. a definitive decline.

So we are running out if oil – the world uses 30 billion barrels of oil a year. What will happen when we run out of oil? The economy cannot survive without oil. We wont be able to live like we do now without oil.

Lets look at some of the things that are oil dependant:

  • All cities are dependant on oil.
  • Agriculture is dependant on oil – the machines to plant and harvest as well as fertilisers which is made from oil. We wont be able to grow food on a scale that is seen today.
  • Roads are made from oil
  • plastic
  • 96% of Americas transportation
  • Water distribution

Alternative solutions in the future

Oil is a one of kind energy resource – rich in energy. There is no other resource on earth like it. To meet the demand in energy that 30 billion barrels can produce would take 52 nuclear power plants working for 50 years.  

Solar panels and batteries require oil to and coal to produce and maintain them. Global coal production may peak as soon as 2040. Global gas production ,ay peak by 2030.

There is not enough wood to burn on this planet to meet the energy demand – its grows to slowly and is not rich in energy.

Hydrogen requires more energy to make it than what it generates.

Ethanol from crops – To meet demand we will have to use many times more land that is currently used to plant food and you need oil to plant and harvest and turn it to ethanol.

Oil is one of a kind – this world economy as our way of life cannot be without it and there is no alternative energy resource.

Its running out.

The economy is based on supply and demand.  if a certain product is in plenty supply and the demand not so high the prices is low. But if the supply is low and the demand high – the price will rise. Just like the price for a barrel of oil has been rising today.

There is however another solution. The biggest problem with todays world economic system and our way of life is that we use ALLOT of oil. But what for exactly? To make money and profit. That is what it all boils down to.

We are draining a valuable resource to make money – we are basically wasting it. let me explain:

lets take washing machines for example – there are many different makes, models, and brands available. But more importantly quality. To make money you don't go for quality – they design them to break so that you have to keep on buying just like any other product out there.  They do range from good quality for cheap ones where the cheap ones simply break sooner.

The waste here is that it requires oil to produce a washing machine – and since oil is non renewable isn't it common sense  to rather design and produce a washing machine that would stand the test of time? its common sense yes, just not economical sense. You don't make money on something that last and money always gets the final say in the world.

If we redesign and produce products that last – oil consumption will drop dramatically. Imagine a car that last – a monitor – a fridge! Another point is to look at what products are actually necessary? What is being produces for the sake of only making money? Would it be practical to keep on producing it knowing that oil will run out. Would it not be better to rather redirect oil use to that which really matters like food production, water distribution and any other point that is a human necessity?

If we do this many malls and shops and massive buildings that require energy to maintain them will no longer be necessary because there will be a lot let useless products which will result in a father decline in energy use.

The above mentioned points is the steps that will be taken in the Equal Money System. We will no longer have an economic system as we have today that is based on suffering of many to benefit the few. To make profit by draining the earth of resources. It will be the end of of us if we continue like we do now.

It will be based on what is important – life. Only if we do this will be there be enough oil to support a good life for everybody. and once we focus on improving life for everybody then we can really have a look at other options.

Even today faced with finding energy alternatives they are still trying to profit from it. And if there are no profits from it its disregarded. And money is needed to do the research whereas in a Equal Money System there is no limit.

Its a matter of time – we have to face the music – we cannot live like we do today. An Equal Money System is the only option we have other than falling back to the dark ages with a twist – all resources depleted.

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