Thursday, 21 July 2011

Famine in Somalia Ends


Yes, the solution to end it and keep it from happening ever again:

Your average Sports Stadium seats about 60 000 people. Imagine how many 11 million people truly is.

pastThat is how many people are facing starvation in Somalia. There is a refugee camp there with the capacity of 10 000 holding about 500 000 people.

Africa faces the biggest drought in decades. Millions have lost their crops and livestock and family and friends. It has become impossible for them to feed themselves. Some have to walk for 80 kilometres to reach the refugee camps. Most have nothing and arrive at the camp weak and went days without food. Some had to leave the weaker people behind on the way to eventually die on the road. 

The people have to fight the animals for the little water there is. There is nothing alive for miles, sites of dead skinny animals is everywhere.

There is some assistance from organizations. And they obviously have some problems:

The agencies have to first come to an understanding by the militant islamist group al shabaab, who controls the region. Before they can effectively assist there political rules and laws to go by. Mainly have to do with the safety of the people and to keep the ‘’terrorist’’ from confiscating the food that is for the millions that are starving.

Then of course is the lack of resources. No, not food. There is enough of that in the world to end the famine. There is a lack of money.

Most countries cannot afford to send money. While America debating its debt issues along with the rest of the world 11  MILLION PEOPLE ARE FACING DEATH IN SOMALIA!!!!

FUCK the debt – Its Made up. Its only numbers made by man. A system that abuses. Only Power for the few. What Use is a economic system when it prevents people who actually care to support the people in need?!

That is what is happening here. Because of money the WFP and other agencies are severely limited to provide effective support to end famine in Somalia – in the world even.

You don't need money for food and supplies to move. Simply people who care. But they unfortunately can not afford to care. Again, what good is the world system when it doesn't provide the means to assist and support every being. Including the animals?

Famine would end with a Equal Money System.

If such a system was in place now famine would not be possible:

Every being would have the means available to live effectively from birth to death. No more struggle. Access to fresh water. Housing. Food and all the human needs.

The most effective means of support would be given if a disaster does occur. We wont be limited by money. The majority suffers because of it.

So lets stop debating and trying to save the economy. Lets implement a system that takes every being in consideration, always. Where no one is left out. Where starvation doesn't exist. Where the struggle to survive doesn't exist. Where Life exists.

Equal Money  - Where true living begins for all.


Monday, 18 July 2011

Parrots Die Awaiting Law


A company of smuggled wild caught African Grey Parrots is waiting to be taken out from quarantine in South Africa. A Parrot conservationIMG_6576 group took the liberty of organizing their release back into the wild – but a limpopo-based parrot breeder is claiming that the Parrots was stolen from him but had no proof.

The breeder is taking the issue to court. Which means that the birds will have to stay in quarantine until the matter is resolved and could take weeks. They have already been in quarantine F24df33f77139864.49915093stressed out for 3 months without sunlight, and would not be able to go on for another 2 weeks before they die.

The court needs to issue a permit before the birds can be released, and before the permit gets issued the court first needs to verify the ownership.


Its Common Sense! If you wait they die! Its all about money. The breeder is pushing to claim ownership because he can make money out of it. Doesn't give a fuck about the well being of those parrots.

In a Equal Money System we can give a Fuck. Truly care for the well being of other beings in desperate need. Money would never again keep us from improving the life of another. Life would ALWAYS be the priority. The fear of not having enough will END and in that the EXCUSE not being able to do anything to end SUFFERING.

Lets End this pointless suffering of so many animals and people and nature in the name of money.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

‘Boy Operates Clutch While Amputee Drives’


An Amputee came up with a novel to enable himself to drive. He only had a right leg so in order to drive his 6 year old son operated the clutch while he used his right leg for gas and breaks.

He was pulled over at a road block where police found he only had one leg. His light delivery vehicle owing to various mechanical problems- was suspended by police.

Many read this and react thinking to themselves how this man can put his son and others on the road in danger. MONEY.prosthetic leg

This man was shot resulting to an amputated leg. How is he supposed to work for money now? Who would employ a driver with one leg?

This man needed to make money and this was probably the only way. He was forced to put himself his son and others using the road in danger in order to make money to survive.

This world doesn't provide decent support for people unable to work. If you cant work life would be very difficult for you. That is how this world economic system operates. It only works for those participating and reaping the benefits of it – which us actually very few.

There is a mayor problem in this world. Economics.

That is why we suggest an Equal Money System. Where this amputee would have had an alternative choice. Not needed to suffer to stay alive. Amputees would be considered. They wont have to work if they are unable to. Prosthetics wont be made so that only those who can afford them can have  them – rather it should be given – and it will be given.

Its Time to reconsider. Time to put caring in action. Time to End Bullshit and present permanent solutions:

Equal Money.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

And God Created the Braconid Wasp


Most believe nature to be beautiful – Gods creation. It is said that God is Everywhere and created everything. God knew what lay ahead before he even created earth. ladybug-cocoon-110621

Why did God create the Parasitic Braconid wasp? The female hunts for a  Seven Spotted Ladybird and then stings it and lays an egg inside the ladybirds body. Her grub hatches inside the ladybug and starts eating the bug alive. After 3 weeks of feasting on the bugs organs it burrows its way out of its host. The ladybird is still alive at this stage but unable to move due to the 3 week festival.

If that isn't bad enough – Once outside the grub spins a cocoon between the alive but paralyzed bugs legs. Since the ladybird cannot move it remains in place and unwittingly protects the cocoon for another week until the grub matures into a wasp. It then leaves the ladybug to eventually starve to death.

The ladybug stays alive during the whole event.

Isn't that beautiful? Why would God create such a being? Create  this kind of suffering? Kind of Sadistic Actually.

Would you create such a being if you had the power? How did God come up with this idea in the first place? What must go through your head to come up with something like this.

Its Horrific. Disgusting. Unnecessary. There no point to it. Why Would God want this Seven Spotted Ladybird to suffer such a death. This wasp only hunts for this specific bug. What did the insect do to deserve such a death?

Maybe when we die we each get a chance to experience the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is that which he created. Which means we get to become this ladybird, awaiting that sting, being used for another's benefit – being paralyzed – unable to move – no freedom – protecting the very thing that enslaved us – until death do us apart.

Almost Like Money…

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Poor won't reach goal to end hunger: UN

Many poor countries will fail to meet a UN goal of halving world hunger by 2015, the UN food agency's newly-elected Brazilian chief said on Friday in one of his first interviews since being nominated.

They say there 2 things missing in the equation to end world hunger - Resources and  and international cooperation.

What is meant by resources here? Food? NO. Money. Not enough money. We have enough food grown simply not the money. As for international cooperation - they function with money. We live in a world System where everything is moved with money. If you don't have enough money you cant cooperate.

It is impossible to end World Hunger with our current economic system.Why do you think hunger still exist to this day?We need an alternative system.

We Suggest an Equal Money System. World Hunger will end With a Equal Money System - because we wont need money to end hunger. That limitation will be out of the equation. We already have the resources available to provide food for all beings on earth. And with an Equal Money System we can do that.

Equal Money to end World Hunger.