Thursday, 30 June 2011

More Spent on Pest than on Human Rights


Geneva - Europeans spend 250 times more on their pets than the world devotes to the international protection and promotion of human rights.

Wow. Animals certainly deserves it. There is however a mayor issue here regarding ‘human rights’.

Money is needed to promote and protect human rights. Isn't that ridiculous. What does that say about us. Did we make paper and numbers more important than life.

Let us consider a system where Life is honoured above all else. Then human rights and animal rights will always be lived. No need to fight for it or protect it or promote it.

You are born – you are life – therefor with an Equal Money System every being will have a life worth living.

Lets make it happen –

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Why is Education NOT the Way out of Poverty


In South Africa we have a mayor problem with the Education System. Each year there is a decline in average grade results despite the fact of the new education systems placed in that are made easier( dumbed down the education system).education-scholarship_cohdi_0

On average only 12% of Grade 6 students scored above 50% for mathematics.

South Africa is pushing for children to study hard – especially those who are in poverty saying that education is the way out of poverty.

Not True.

Have a look at what happened in Egypt – there were many people with many qualifications but there was simply not enough jobs or money.

You could spend the 12 years in school and another 3 – 9 years to pursue  a career only to find yourself in debt and without a job, because there are none.

That is the problem here – the children have no certainty of the future so why must they study?

Another problem here is the whole reason for the education system is to teach people how to make money to survive. Its all about money. Life is all about money.

There isn't enough money for everybody…The system is flawed.

If we consider a equal money system, education will change. It would focus more on what is here in terms of the earth and how to live on earth without harming earth. And allot of the professions today are purely based on the need to make money and serve no real other practical purpose.

In a equal money system the children will have certainty that what they are learning wont be useless or go to waste. There will be certainty regarding their future – they will always be supported.

Time for a Change – a real one.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Abortions Reduce Crime


I watched ‘Freakonomics’ and found this fascinating:

In 1990 crime was at a all time high – Experts predicted that it will rise. But it actually dropped.

People were asking why and experts gave various explanations such as innovative policing, harsher sentencing, crack market, gun heavencontrol, strong economy etc.

But that only explained half on the overall crime drop.

IN 1966 Romania has outlawed abortion. They rounded up woman and had pregnancy tests done and then taxed the infertile. Woman were forced to have children even if they couldn't afford to. Romania’s birth rate doubled, and there were allot of unwanted children growing up in unstable environments and thus lead lives of crime.

In 1973 America legalised abortions – the opposite of what happened in Romania. This resulted in a whole generation of unwanted children not being born – if you fast forward 20 years later to the 1990’s when they would have been at their peak crime ages they simply weren't there to commit the crime.

So the other half of the crime drop in the 90’s was due to abortions.

Money. If you are born in a poor family your life is going to be a struggle and you are more likely to go into a life of crime. The lack of money creates survival. The lack of money causes people to grow up with a choice between starving or crime.

It is not a Beautiful Life – those who say so have money and are not looking at what is really going on in the world. Life is truly fucked up for most.

And that is what we must change – to make that choice non existent. Where Life will be chosen always. If a person is unable to provide effective support to raise a child and no other alternative is available then they should not have children. Why put a person through all kinds of hell. We must first put in place an effective support structure namely the Equal Money System.

Being ‘pro-life’ will only cause more harm for unwanted children and thus more abuse. Being pro-life doesn't matter in out current world economic system.

Then only can we provide the support needed for everybody – support that is not dependant on the need for Money. Support that is given. This is what must be considered, because with the equal money system we can finally end abuse.

Wouldn't that be worth having? A Life without suffering.

Don't imagine it - Make it Possible!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Seal Clubbing will End in an Equal Money System


Let us look at why people club seals. seal_clubbing(1)

The lie  that is being told by many governments and people who participate in killing seal is that seals are responsible for diminishing the commercial fish population which makes it harder for fishers to catch fish. Therefor crushing thousands of seal skulls keeps the fish levels stable.

Not True – It was all about the money

This all started in 1990 with the total collapse of the once bountiful cod fishery in Canada -  40,000 people lost their jobs. Even though scientist and activist warned them for years that they are overfishing and the cod supply will run out, greed and money was obviously more important.

Now the people sat with a problem – they lost their means of income which was once a great industry and were in dire need of alternatives.

Then some politicians came up with a plan -  they would use the harp seal herds as the official explanation for the collapse of the fish stocks and at tclubbing-sealhe same time sell the idea of using the seals as an economic alternative to the cod. And so began the blame shift from the people to the animals ‘’the seals were eating all the cod’’, and the fisherman believed it – now its a profitable source called Canadian Seal Hunt  – when in fact it was solely due to years of overfishing.

It is agreed by all credible scientist and biologist that the seals didn't cause the fishery collapse neither will keep the fishery from coming back. Cod is a small percentage in a seals diet – they also eat the predators of cod and is thus an essential part of the complex food structure.

Only in 2005 did the DFO listen to their own scientists -  who said in 1994 that ‘’ the collapse of northern cod can be attributed solely to overexploitation’’ – The DFO admitted this, but people still believed the propaganda.

So here we can see that the start of this issue was money – the greed for more money – life doesn't matter when profit is involved. Then instead of realizing the mistake and consequences of exploiting the cod  they found another way to make more money – The seal.

We do it for the Fur, Meat and Oils:

A Big income of seal clubbing lies in the fur.

Fur is fashion and it is not needed. An Analyses conducted by veterinarians showed that about 40% of the seals were actually skinned alive. A test is supposed to be done after you repeatedly bash the head in of a seal – poke its eye to see if the seal twitches and if doesn’t it is dead, apparently.

As for the meat – most countries don't like the meat thus the price is very low and typically not worth the effort to sell it and we have beimagestter alternatives.

Industries selling the oils(omega 3) from harp seal pups try to hide this fact by calling it marine oils, but may read the fine print and buy alternative oils.

And a reason people do this is for the money, the money they need in order to survive. Skin a seal or find another means of income – which is becoming increasingly more difficult.

There allot of charities helping out and seal deaths have decreased a bit – but as long as we live in a world economic system where we need money to survive – this senseless murder will never end.

It is disgusting that we exploit the abuse of another being just for money. All these reasons why seal clubbing continues are unnecessary and serve absolutely no practical purpose.

That is why this will end with an Equal Money System. None of these events would have occurred if we lived in a Equal Money System.

There would have been no need to overfish and exploit the cod just for profit – this happened because people wanted more money and had nothing to do with the need for so much food. So with Equal Money everybody will have access to food and proper management can be taken to make sure no damage is done.

Seal Fur for fashion is Abuse of another being and serves no practical purpose – people wont need to go and skin seals for money to survive and thus it will end in an Equal Money System

As for oils used in health concoctions – this is all for profit and attracting consumers to buy. That will end in a Equal Money System

Life will be valued as not as money but as life. Many the things we do today for money has no real purpose other than making money. An Equal Money System aims to end that. To Stop all abuse that is happening in the name of money.

Join us in this solution – the only one that will permanently end this bullshit.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Child Labour Best for Economy!


Over 155 million of the worlds children are engaged in life-threateniUSAWpalmerng jobs.

Child Labour is in great demand because its cheap and because children are naturally more docile, easier to discipline than adults, and too frightened to complain. We are destroying the youth in the name of profit – In the name of our so called amazing world economic system. Funny how its only amazing to those who have money.

This All so that the employer gets more money. Always about the money regardless of the consequences. This must end, obviously.

The Question is HOW? We can ban it all we want, the underlining cause will still be there which is money. Organisations and companies always look at the best way to maximize profit since profit is the name of the game of our economic system. If that is allowed to continue so will child labour.

A permanent solution however would be an Equal Money System. Where exploiting people, slaving people, abusing people wont exist. Then, Life will be the name of the game. Most of the companies currently that uses child labour will no longer exist, like gold mining. Gold has no practical application. It just looks pretty, apparently. A world where Life will actually matter.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The System Yet Again Fails The Children


The Parents of a 8 year old girl were arrested after it has been revealed that they were offering their child for sex as a down payment for a loan.

Most see this and judge and blame the parents only – not realizing that this is what we as humanity has accepted and allowed. We are all participating daily in the very cause of this problem - MONEY

Our World economic system gives way to all forms of abuse – the need to survive drives many to do things that they rather would not do. We need food to live, we need proper housing and access to water etc. But most are denied these basic needs.

We can change that - 

And there is proof every second of every minute of every hour of every day that our monetary system fails not only the majority of humans – but the rest of the planet and every being on it.

In an Equal Money System this abuse will not be possible. Surviving will be replaced by Living. Life would be honoured and lived to the fullest – without the fears and worries that is involved with the lack of money.


An Equal Money System would not forsake anybody  - Be a part of the solution.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

R45 Billion Donated So That Children can Suffer Longer


A global vaccine group backed by Microsoft tycoon Bforced_vaccinesill Gates has accumulated $3.1 Billion and askes donors for an additional $3.7 Billion to provide 243 million children in poor countries with cheaper vaccines against common childhood diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea – the two biggest killers of children in poor countries.

Lets take a step back – this is seen as a great charity and brings joy to the ignorant  who believes this is a step towards a better humanity. When in fact this proves how sick and atrocious we truly are.

Firstly – these vaccines that were developed to have a better life without the sicknesses, but we have to pay for it – and somebody is cashing in big time. Something that lessens the suffering and keeps you from dying should be made available for FREE. But in this World Economic System you have to pay to be alive.

Secondly – What do you expect will happen to a child born with barely enough food or proper shelter from the weather and constantly exposed to a harsh environment? You are going to get SICK!

But its OK, here is a vaccine – now you can endure the same endless suffering of hunger and cold, BUT AT LEAST YOU WONT GET SICK!!

The Sickness is NOT the PRIMARY problem! It is the System! Our wonderful economic System. It doesn't provide for the poor. The Poor provide the system. 

Charity will never solve ANYTHING! All we are doing is prolonging the suffering.

In A Equal Money System properly researched vaccines would be made available for all for free!

Because to charge someone to stay alive is a CRIME! To make them PAY just to BREATHE is a CRIME! This will end in a Equal Money System. Preventive measures will be taken – everybody will have All basic needs taken care of. There will be no POOR of RICH. Everybody Equal.

And the fact that some are against the Equal Money System simply proves my point – that people do not care. Rather let the suffering continue than to stop it completely. This Abuse must end.

Angry and wondering what you can do? – Time to consider an alternative system where we can actually give a crap


Monday, 6 June 2011

SA’s Debt Trap Widens


Half of South Africa's credit-active population is drowning in debt – evenmoneyaccountsIcon though  interest rates are at their lowest in 29 years.

47% of the 19 million credit-active consumers have impaired records. The debt to income ratio stands at 78.5%. This means that for every R100 each household earns, R78.50 goes towards servicing debt.

It is horrible that the only way to get a home is through debt. We as humans need shelter, food and other basic needs to survive and people are profiting from this exploitation.

In an Equal Money System we wont have to repay for the rest of out lives just to survive. We can stop the fear and start to live.

Let us consider an alternative system that provides for and includes everybody. Then we start with the REAL living of LIFE.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Solution to Save Rainforests Indefinitely –Summit 2011

Representatives from 35 countries are seeking ways to presforesterve the worlds rainforests as they meet for a week in the Republic of Congo.

The Problem:

Simply put – Money.

The forests get razed to make space for cash crops like palm oil. The animals get captured to be sold as food or pets to make money. Logging is also a issue – cant have a forest without trees.

Poverty, Debt and Inequality

More than $US1300 billion is owed by the third world to rich countries (World Bank, 1988) and poor nations are paying rich nations $50 billion a year more than they are receiving in aid (Washington, 1991). Some of the countries with largest debts are also the countries with relatively large areas of rainforest left. To repay the huge amounts owed, these countries have to sacrifice their environment (as well as health and education). A spiral of poverty-induced ecological degradation occurs

All of these mayor  factors are because of MONEY.Deforestation-in-Novo--Pr-001

People have been holding Summits for years and no solution thus far has worked. We have to ask ourselves why? Why is deforestation increasing despite numerous efforts?

The answer is simple – people need money to live. And in that the environment comes out last.  This is how our world functions - money an debt – that is our World Economic System. And as long as this system stays there will be no way to save the Rainforests of our world.

The Final Permanent Practical Solution:

Again, simply put –the Equal Money System.

We have to change the current world system to a system where Life actually matters. And we can make that decision.

How will Rainforests be preserved in a Equal Money System:

Poverty, Debt and Inequality are all part of the current world system and will no longer be a part of the new Equal Money System as it is abusive and unnecessary.

There will be no need to cut the trees down, cull the animals and raze the trees to plant crops to make money to survive – everybody will be born equal and have more than enough to live from birth to death. Thus raping the forests will end.

We wont be limited by money and thus any means possible will be taken to ensure all beings have the necessities to live – food, water, security, housing, electricity, sanitation, internet etc..

Life will be considered as Life – If there are places that are harmed due to human presence we can investigate the best option to ensure the well being of the ecosystem, because money wont limit the options.

Clearly the only solution is an alternative World system. As long as money rules nature is doomed followed eventually by us. Join and be one vote for world equality before it is too late.