Saturday, 25 June 2011

Abortions Reduce Crime


I watched ‘Freakonomics’ and found this fascinating:

In 1990 crime was at a all time high – Experts predicted that it will rise. But it actually dropped.

People were asking why and experts gave various explanations such as innovative policing, harsher sentencing, crack market, gun heavencontrol, strong economy etc.

But that only explained half on the overall crime drop.

IN 1966 Romania has outlawed abortion. They rounded up woman and had pregnancy tests done and then taxed the infertile. Woman were forced to have children even if they couldn't afford to. Romania’s birth rate doubled, and there were allot of unwanted children growing up in unstable environments and thus lead lives of crime.

In 1973 America legalised abortions – the opposite of what happened in Romania. This resulted in a whole generation of unwanted children not being born – if you fast forward 20 years later to the 1990’s when they would have been at their peak crime ages they simply weren't there to commit the crime.

So the other half of the crime drop in the 90’s was due to abortions.

Money. If you are born in a poor family your life is going to be a struggle and you are more likely to go into a life of crime. The lack of money creates survival. The lack of money causes people to grow up with a choice between starving or crime.

It is not a Beautiful Life – those who say so have money and are not looking at what is really going on in the world. Life is truly fucked up for most.

And that is what we must change – to make that choice non existent. Where Life will be chosen always. If a person is unable to provide effective support to raise a child and no other alternative is available then they should not have children. Why put a person through all kinds of hell. We must first put in place an effective support structure namely the Equal Money System.

Being ‘pro-life’ will only cause more harm for unwanted children and thus more abuse. Being pro-life doesn't matter in out current world economic system.

Then only can we provide the support needed for everybody – support that is not dependant on the need for Money. Support that is given. This is what must be considered, because with the equal money system we can finally end abuse.

Wouldn't that be worth having? A Life without suffering.

Don't imagine it - Make it Possible!