Thursday, 16 June 2011

Seal Clubbing will End in an Equal Money System


Let us look at why people club seals. seal_clubbing(1)

The lie  that is being told by many governments and people who participate in killing seal is that seals are responsible for diminishing the commercial fish population which makes it harder for fishers to catch fish. Therefor crushing thousands of seal skulls keeps the fish levels stable.

Not True – It was all about the money

This all started in 1990 with the total collapse of the once bountiful cod fishery in Canada -  40,000 people lost their jobs. Even though scientist and activist warned them for years that they are overfishing and the cod supply will run out, greed and money was obviously more important.

Now the people sat with a problem – they lost their means of income which was once a great industry and were in dire need of alternatives.

Then some politicians came up with a plan -  they would use the harp seal herds as the official explanation for the collapse of the fish stocks and at tclubbing-sealhe same time sell the idea of using the seals as an economic alternative to the cod. And so began the blame shift from the people to the animals ‘’the seals were eating all the cod’’, and the fisherman believed it – now its a profitable source called Canadian Seal Hunt  – when in fact it was solely due to years of overfishing.

It is agreed by all credible scientist and biologist that the seals didn't cause the fishery collapse neither will keep the fishery from coming back. Cod is a small percentage in a seals diet – they also eat the predators of cod and is thus an essential part of the complex food structure.

Only in 2005 did the DFO listen to their own scientists -  who said in 1994 that ‘’ the collapse of northern cod can be attributed solely to overexploitation’’ – The DFO admitted this, but people still believed the propaganda.

So here we can see that the start of this issue was money – the greed for more money – life doesn't matter when profit is involved. Then instead of realizing the mistake and consequences of exploiting the cod  they found another way to make more money – The seal.

We do it for the Fur, Meat and Oils:

A Big income of seal clubbing lies in the fur.

Fur is fashion and it is not needed. An Analyses conducted by veterinarians showed that about 40% of the seals were actually skinned alive. A test is supposed to be done after you repeatedly bash the head in of a seal – poke its eye to see if the seal twitches and if doesn’t it is dead, apparently.

As for the meat – most countries don't like the meat thus the price is very low and typically not worth the effort to sell it and we have beimagestter alternatives.

Industries selling the oils(omega 3) from harp seal pups try to hide this fact by calling it marine oils, but may read the fine print and buy alternative oils.

And a reason people do this is for the money, the money they need in order to survive. Skin a seal or find another means of income – which is becoming increasingly more difficult.

There allot of charities helping out and seal deaths have decreased a bit – but as long as we live in a world economic system where we need money to survive – this senseless murder will never end.

It is disgusting that we exploit the abuse of another being just for money. All these reasons why seal clubbing continues are unnecessary and serve absolutely no practical purpose.

That is why this will end with an Equal Money System. None of these events would have occurred if we lived in a Equal Money System.

There would have been no need to overfish and exploit the cod just for profit – this happened because people wanted more money and had nothing to do with the need for so much food. So with Equal Money everybody will have access to food and proper management can be taken to make sure no damage is done.

Seal Fur for fashion is Abuse of another being and serves no practical purpose – people wont need to go and skin seals for money to survive and thus it will end in an Equal Money System

As for oils used in health concoctions – this is all for profit and attracting consumers to buy. That will end in a Equal Money System

Life will be valued as not as money but as life. Many the things we do today for money has no real purpose other than making money. An Equal Money System aims to end that. To Stop all abuse that is happening in the name of money.

Join us in this solution – the only one that will permanently end this bullshit.