Monday, 20 February 2012

2012 - 2 Million Die Each Year From In-Door Air Pollution???



3 Billion people are in poverty – and thus cannot afford or don't have access to electricity. The problem is that they still need to eat and cook food. You need energy to cook food. all they can use is wood, animal shit or crop waste – anything that burns.

This unfortunately produces high levels of in-door air pollution like small soot particles that penetrate deep into the lungs – indoor smoke can be 100 times higher than accepted safety levels.

So here we have another 2 million deaths caused by money. If they had access to better living conditions and electricity or gas these deaths could have been avoided. Now most people say there is not enough electricity for all. Not right now no – because it is all being wasted on consumerism and the the industry for manufacturing useless products that  are designed to break just to make money and All the shops and massive company buildings that keep the economy alive.


All those things are useless – its just to make money to survive. We don't need money to survive. What we need is food water shelter. Its a matter of common sense. So all we do is redirect all that energy towards those who need it and to all things practical. This is what we will do in a Equal Money System. First make sure all beings have a dignified life – then we can start producing products that are designed to last. longer lasting products = less energy consumed. There will then be enough for everybody.

Lest stop this madness where money dictates life. Lest create a world where atrocities like these and unnecessary deaths will be a thing of the past. Its time to stand up and stop it.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

2012 All is well and as it Should be! - F**king Really?


Spirituality  - Finding this earth to be an OK place and justifying all the suffering in the world with one phrase – ‘’All is well and as it Should be’’

Lets take a look at some of the things currently going on on earth:

  • War
  • Famine
  • Poverty
  • Decreasing of natural habitats causing Mass extinction of various species
  • Child labour
  • Sex slavery

This is what makes going the spiritual route very attractive – all the above points are negative – they are real – but they are negative. So what you do is simply ignore all of that and only look at the positive things in life.

They say that staying positive and sending love to those suffering will make it all better. In spite of clear evidence if you look around you that everything is in fact getting worse.

All prayers – All Hope – All love. The situation in this world is fast deteriorating. Many still suffer and many are in pain.

But all is well and as it should be. This motto relieves you of all responsibility. It says its ok for a child's throat to be cut. Its ok to kill to rape. Its ok for greed a corruption and money to dictate life. Its ok to be pushed to crime just to stay alive. Its ok to suffer so that the few can have allot.

Its ok to have to pay to be alive. All is well and as it should be.

It should not be like this – this world should not be like this. Nobody has to suffer. Nobody has to die or ascend in order to be in a better place. Not if we become the change ourselves. We have to change our deceptive human nature where we so easily fool ourselves in believing that everything is ok just so that we don't have to face the real world.

We do that with an Equal Money system. All the points in that list i made in the beggining of this blog would no longer exist in a system that is based on a dignified life for all on earth. But that requires for us to change – for you to change. But that is allot to ask isn't it? Who wants to change who they are?

But its because of who we are that this world is the way it is and to end the shit of this earth we have to stop the shit in ourselves. Join us at Desteni to get rid of the shit once and for all.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

2012 What Is more Important in Life – Money Or God


IF you ask this people almost always say God – as if they are too afraid to speak the truth – That money is in fact more important in life. Before you click away in outrage – see if you can after reading the whole blog still tell me God is in fact more important.407132_10150601880043076_632378075_9033599_108505876_n

Lets start by looking at basic human needs – food water and shelter. Those are the real basic requirements to be alive on earth. The major problem here is that you need money to have access to those basic needs. So if you don't have the money to buy those basic needs YOU DIE. What makes this even worse is that there is in fact enough food water and shelter for all humans on earth – Its just that not everybody has the money to buy it. Within this it is irrelevant whether you believe in God or not – without money you will die.

The next point we can look at is happiness. The phrase that money cant buy happiness is a popular saying among those who already have money. To party with friends – you need money. To marry you need money. In order to be with your loved one that makes you happy you need money to buy the clothes, housing, food etc.. Again without money you cant be happy because you will be dead! Money buys you a life in order to be happy.

You need money o be alive to be able to pray. To build a church and furnish it cost money. To print the bibles cost money. to pay the pastor cost money. Without money the pastor wont be able to pay for food shelter and water and the pastor will die.

We work all our lives for money – we devote ourselves and teach our children the importance of money.

So far we can see that without God you will still be alive – but without money you die.

Money drives greed, corruption, war, murders, famine, poverty. Money is what makes the world go round.

Money is the most important thing in life – It gives you a life. With lots money you can buy a easy life. You can all the faith in the world, but if you do not have money you don't have a life.

You would think that Life should be the most important thing in life – but its not. We have created a reality where we need money to survive. Why did we do that? Why did we invent money? Why did we make this life hell for most of the beings on earth? Why do w live all out life never questioning this atrocity? We live in a world where there is enough for everyone – why are people starving?

What matters now is to realize that we in fact don't need to live life struggling. We dont need money to survive. We can actually live in a world without poverty and war. A world free from abuse. I am serious - no jokes.

With the Equal Money system money wont decide whether you live or die – money will merely be a reference tool to see where to allocate resources. Because in this new system LIFE WILL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN LIFE.

There is simply no point in greed and corruption and poverty etc. It causes so much suffering abuse and i would prefer to live in a world free from abuse. And so would you.

So why don't you join us  - here on forums we discuss this in more detail at

Here a cool song that explains the Money or God Point effectively – and its a good song – I wrote and produced it. Have a listen on YouTube:

2012 Money Or God

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Monday, 6 February 2012

Burnout on the Rise–Why are people Burning Out?


Here is a common definition of what burnout is: images

  • a condition that evolves slowly over a period of prolonged stress
  • wearing down and wearing out of energy
  • exhaustion born of excessive demands which may be self-imposed or externally imposed by families, jobs, friends,
  • a feelings state which is accompanied by an overload of stress and which eventually impacts one's motivation, attitudes and behaviours.


There is a significant increase in the number of people being affected by burnout. Mostly its the work related burnout that is on the rise. People are getting more and more stressed out and are placed under more pressure due to companies who laid of workforce to save money.

Burnout is costing the economy $57 billion apparently according to some study done. (who does these studies anyway and are you really sure you can trust it?).

These is actually a awareness programme to tackle this syndrome being managed by companies – because in the quest to make more money the people suffer so they want to educate the people to deal with burnout so that they can get them back to work faster to make more money and thus the cycle continues.

So burnout is a purely a psychological point caused by capitalism. People are being pushed too far to make a extra buck.

With the Equal money system Burnout would end. No more will people forced to work all their lives just to survive. And no more will people be pushed to the brink of death just to be able to eat. Its simply unacceptable and something i would not want for myself. Would you want that? No – then lets end this madness and create a world free from this bullshit.

Join us at Desteni. Also there is allot support on how to deal with stress – very effective methods utilizing the tools of the Desteni I process.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Go(l)d Kills 400 and Poisons 2000 Children–At Least we got the Gold


In Nigeria a Gold mining operation of gold has resulted in lead poisonings of 2000 children and already killed 400.

The extraction process of the mining caused lead to contaminateDollarGoldStandard the water and soil the people depend on. Children are more susceptible  to lead poisoning than adults.

Now here is an example of how gold has indirectly killed and causing great suffering. And our first response to this is anger towards those who were responsible for the contamination. But who are ‘they’?

‘’They’’ being you and me – We are responsible for those deaths. It was all done in the name of Gold. We all participate in this economic system by using money and thus agree to it. This implies we agree to all aspects of the money system – including the pain and suffering.

Gold/Money has killed billions and caused immense suffering for millennia and is actually slowly destroying nature. Obviously it is the human that made up gold to be special and made themselves to believe that paper with ink on it  has real value. Its doesn't.

There is too much suffering going on in the name of money/survival and it has to stop. That is why the Equal Money System would be a solution. Because then life would be more important than Gold or money. Gold would be seen for what is really is – essentially useless. No more will people suffer in the quest for survival – because everybody will have enough always.

You might be thinking ‘’ there is not enough resources on earth for everybody’’. Right now there enough food to comfortably feed 12 billion people. We are only 7 billion yet people are starving. Its all to keep the money system going. They have to throw away the extra food to keep the money flowing. Its economics. And we all agree to it daily.

Lets end this non sensical system and replace it with common sense – Equal Money. Join us and stand for a solution to the idiocy of mankind to end the age of stupid.