Tuesday, 30 August 2011

India - 40% of produce Wasted While Millions are Malnourished


Does this make any sense to you – India is the worlds second largest grower of fresh produce – yet houses more than a third of the worlds        150 Million malnourished children under 5 years of age. 20110830__ASAsiaFoodCrisis~p6_200

40% of the produce is wasted. The reason – Money. Always Money.

The problem lies in post harvesting – farmers cannot afford refrigerated trucks so allot of the fruit and veggies rot in transit. The roads are in poor condition so the produce gets damaged. And then there is the corruption – police actually hold trucks up demanding bribes before letting them go. The farmers have no choice but to pay the bribes otherwise the delay would cause their food to rot.

All of the above issues are money related. All of the above issues would not exist in an Equal Money System.

This wastage of food also causes inflation.

The Poor in India are angry. They do not understand why heaps and heaps of much needed food is wasted while they themselves cannot even afford potatoes.

The Government have plans – but then again all governments only have plans…

With Equal Money there is the fulfilment of plans. All decisions will be based on what is best for all. So lets look at this situation and how different it would in a system based on equality:

Short term:

Those roads will be fixed to ensure smooth transport

All farms will have refrigerated trucks – no, not the cheap unreliable ones.   The Best.

Corruption is based on survival and fear of having nothing and wanting     everything – with equal money survival ends, equalization of resources among all is established so in that bribing and corruption end.

Long term:

Automated harvest and transport machinery.

Express railways and or highways to ensure  that fast and effective transport is achieved from farmer to the public. Because we wont be limited by money this can be achieved. That would be in the best interest of everybody for the food to be fresh and readily available for everybody.

Many companies and people sell the same food in the name of money, With Equal Money all we need is a single department dealing in food as there will be no need for competition.

In a system based on equality it is understood that everybody needs to eat – and to withhold food from people and demanding pay is a crime against life.

So join us to make this a reality and end crimes against humanity – Permanently –

(P.S – This allowed me to open my eyes to see what is really going on in the world s well as how to end the abuse –

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Monday, 22 August 2011

‘Saving must become Law’


In the never ending quest for solutions to make life better for South Africans (apparently) The Treasury wants to make it THE LAW where people are forced to save for retirement to reduce their dependence on thretirement-plane state when they become pensioners.

This means more money for the government and all its officials to spend as they please. Not caring about the consequences of this act:

You Have half the world in poverty – Millions in South Africa already cannot afford even food. How are they supposed to put aside some into a compulsory pension fund? From which they wont be able to withdraw money?

They say its to boost national savings and to make sure pensioners have money for retirement but this is all just a facade – the government officials and fat cats wants all the money – they want to protect their positions.

We have all these legislations and other bull crap coming out and they say its to improve the livelihood of the people, but at the end of the day if you take a step back and really have a look you will find it is to protect those who has all the money. Its to keep capitalism going. Its to keep the rich rich.

Why don't we simply stop. Its time we realize that we need a overhaul. That our current monetary system is not worth all its trouble. Its not worth having half the world in poverty and its not worth working for your whole life in fear of not having enough to feed your family only to spend 10 or 15 years of a limited retirement. In These times its not even certain that your retirement fund will be there waiting for you.

We suggest an Equal Money System. Retirement will come very early for everyone in an equal money system.

The reason for saving is to ensure a future for yourself. With Equal Money your future is already ensured.

What would you choose? The Current money system or Equal Money System?

Be One Vote for an Equal Money System – Remember to read more on the solution over here – EQUAL MONEY THE BOOK

Also Check out Facebook and become part of the growing EMS movement along side hundreds of others – find us.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

BBC Human Planet – Not Humane Planet…


I Watched BBC Human Planet a while ago and a few points came up:bbc_human_planet

The Point of the documentary was to show how humans have come to survive and live off the land in various environments around the world.


The Episode on Oceans showed some fascinating stuff – What people will do to survive.

The Most shocking was the compressor diving scene. It shows how about 80 men, who most are teenagers, dives down to 40m with a crappy boat. Air is provided by a thin tube for them pumped by a leaky compressor. Every time they dive they risk the compressor failing or tubes getting tangled. If this happens they will die.

Another risk is getting decompression sickness also known as the Benz. This is excruciatingly painful and can permanently paralyze you or kill you.

And they do this 3 times a day every week. Why? They need the money to survive.

They would not be doing that if they had alternatives! Some have been doing that for 30 years!

With a Equal Money System This would not happen. They would no longer need to put their lives on the line for money. Because in in a Equal Money system  everybody will have enough.

If you look at todays fishery you will notice that allot is being wasted. You have crappy boats going great lengths and depths  to make money. Where in a Equal Money System we can use the best fishing methods and technology available to get effective results – obviously considering the long term effect on the Oceans – The Ocean is Massive – with proper care it will provide enough food for Every being.

The Point is that with equal money allot will change, every decision will be made according to what is best for all. To End this bullshit where people suffer their whole lives to keep on breathing, to make sure their children keep on breathing – because with no money = no food= no breath. We have to pay just to breathe

With equal money your breath is free! Your children's breath is free.  You can be assured that from the moment they take their first breath till the day they give it back – a dignified Life with equal opportunity will be theirs.

What a World that would be. Only with Equal Money. Join Us.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Half The Food Aid is Being Stolen and Sold - Somalia


Thousands of sacks of food aid meant for Somalia’s famine victims have been stolen and are being sold at the markets.

3.2 Million Somalis are in need of food aid, nearly half the population. 29 000 children under the age of 5 already died.

Half  the food aid has become a rich business opportunity for those who steal it – it is being sold on the streets right under authorities.

Isn't this a beautiful world we live in?

That people have to sell stolen food just to survive. Knowing that Millions depend on the food. Its all about survival. This world is all about survival.

The Need to Survive always comes first. We have to ask why we choose to live in a world based on survival and competition. Yes i say choose – because we created the money system – we made it up. Gave paper value. And the world is revolving around that value.

Your Life and my life is based on that value. Without money you die.

So with a Equal Money System the Somalia Famine would work life this:

There would have been no civil war. War is based on power – power is based on money – and money is based on control. With an Equal Money System everybody would already have what they need from the moment you are born for the rest of your life.

The people that are being recruited and fighting these wars would have no reason to fight for freedom, Life, Country, family, protection, power whatever – Because you already have everything. There is nothing to take because you have everything. And there can be no war without the people

People would have the need to steal food to make money to survive – because they would already have everything.

Famine would be impossible – because measures would be in place to make sure every being has food.

If a country is hit by a disaster aid would be sent Immediately, would have to pay for it or wait for it.Part of the Equal Money System would be to asses countries or certain parts of the world to make sure the most effective prevention measures are in place in different scenarios.

We can either relocate people to designated areas already put in place. Like right now we have refugee camps. In a Equal Money System it would be possible to send people anywhere in the world until the disaster is sorted out. Not some crappy disease infested camp where thousands starve and die while politicians debate aid.

The Whole Situation would have been prevented in  a Equal Money System. The whole point of a equal money system is to basically create heaven on earth for every single being. And Since we wont be limited by money we can do ANYTHING.

Join us in the solution to bring about a world we all can truly be proud of  -

Equal Money – . Also Google Equal Money and read some of the thousands of blogs and articles revealing how equal money would change the world.

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(art by Matti Freeman)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Nature Destroys Music Festivals – Does Nature have a Particular Music Taste?


Nature had enough. Nature is calling for a end in all abuse. Nature iSugarland-Stage-Collapse-CountryMusicRocks.net_1-150x150s calling for Equality Music.

A Sudden big gush of wind caused a stage to collapse and snap like a twig, killing 5 fans and injuring another 40 people.

They say nobody could have foreseen the gush of wind. 

Earlier this month severe whether with heavy rain ended a block party festival when it caused the stage to collapse.

Last Month A severe storm toppled a stage where rock band Cheap Trick was performing.What is happening? Does nature have a particular dislike in music? Is nature trying to tell us something?

What would you do if you were nature? With humans abusing and misusing all life – believing themselves to be the alpha species and walking on earth with a complete disregard for life? Would you lash out - Spawn diseases, cause some ‘natural’ disasters?

I think Nature/Life can wipe us humans from the face of the earth – but we are not worth the effort.  

In Fact – all Nature has to do really is sit back and wait. On this current path we as a race are on we will eventually destroy ourselves.

Maybe the reason why Nature have not yet rid itself from us is because its giving us humans a chance. Instead nature is causing great suffering and pain. Slowly increasing disasters and other damaging efforts that effects us all. Just maybe the human will wake up - and change.

Because Nature is standing for Life – For Equality and Oneness and the end of all abuse.

We at Desteni say that a new world where life is valued above all else is possible. That we don't need to endure unnecessary suffering to change. That a solution is here, where the abuse and misuse of Life ENDS!

And where every being in earth doesn't have to pay to stay alive.

Equal Money System  for a better life for ALL beings including the animals and all other creatures and critters.

Join us, a growing group of equals slowly but surely bringing solutions and standing up as life for life. Join us at Desteni  if you see the need for change and want to be a part of it.

How to become the change – Desteni I process - This course changed not only my life, but many others to for the first time become aware that there is something more going on in this world – and that the source of the problem was me.

Time to get going and stop the madness that is infesting this world. Time for Life.

Monday, 8 August 2011

2011–The Age of the Rioter and Revolutionary


The Anger and Frustration is escalating – People are becoming more and Image1more unpredictable as they act out what they feel.

Living is becoming more and more expensive and living conditions are becoming less and less dignified.

The people are getting angry – and like a child all they can do is throw a tantrum/riot. People are Demanding Change!

So we riot and spark revolutions and many die in the name of change – But have a look – NOTHING changes. Its actually is just getting worse.

That is because we are demanding the impossible:

What they do not realize is that change cost money! This world actually cannot afford to change – it cannot afford to take care of everybody. There is not enough money for it. Yes, the resources are available to give each and everyone a dignified life – its just that there is no money.

So be Assured – where there is a riot/tantrum – no change will follow.

So the problem lies in the system – So lets change the system.

Lest create a system that gives the best homes, food, products, essentials, living conditions and more for every being.

An Equal Money System is suggested.

Where instead of complaining and blaming and throwing stones and burning houses and killing people and bombing nations and looting shops and damaging property and waiting for others to make our lives better ------- we take self responsibility and bring the change ourselves.

We have to become the change – How can we expect change if we as a people do not change, individually each of us have to stop complaining and become self responsible. Take into consideration life and the life of others.

Live that which is best for all.

Lets create a system where that is possible –

If you want change then become the change – Desteni I Process 


Thursday, 4 August 2011

What Ever Happened to Haiti???


It seems Like the media only focuses on a world disaster for a certain period of time. Haiti was a big one with many charities and celebrities and countries pledging assistance in the name of good (yea right).Haiti-Hanna_800953c

Allot of the resources promised to assist the people never held true. Still there are 600 000 people who live without shelter. The world simply moved on to the next entertaining and self severed opportunity.

Now the word ‘famine’ is thrown around. Famine is simply another word for human incompetence. The drought has little to do with the millions facing starvation – It has all to do with people in power not giving a fuck.

And that's another question: Who are those in power? Every single human. Yes, that includes you the reader. Power is what we define it to be. Each of us has the power to do what is necessary to be done to end famine.

Just like each of us used that power to create this wonderful world economic system, O art thou capitalism! We used our power to give value to rock(gold) and paper (money). Just so can we change it.

Back to the the heading – Haiti. There is an massive tropical storm heading that way. Few are able to evacuate. Those who are able to are being dependant on others because they supply them food. And then there's still 600 000 people with no shelter and not much being done to give them ay real long term assistance.

This kind of news is actually expected these days. Your typical story of people in dire need with a world not giving two shits about them. Because its has all become about money. It is the single most important thing in our lives. More important than others.

That has to change – Life should be the most important thing. But we cannot do that with how we are currently living. That is Why an Equal Money system is suggested – we can then use our power to create a whole new way of life. One where we live that which is best for all. Where the daily stories we read in the news will become non existent. And by using one man one vote this can be done.



Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Check Your Doors–Thieves Keep you From Locking Them…


This world System is amazing – people will find many new cimagesunning ways in order to make some cash. And They have no choice but to, because if they don't find ways to make money they die.

What they do is get a common gate remote – which operates at the same frequency as a motor remote – and use it to jam the signal. So they wait for you to get out the car and walk away then jam the signal when you press to lock the car. Then your car doesn't lock – they then simply get in and drive off.

What else are they going to do? This capitalistic system only works for 1% of the world population. Imagine that – 1% own more than the rest of the world combined!! 

Its sick – and we don't do anything about it because we want to be part of that 1%, maybe one day I will be successful and have it all. Desire.

An Equal Money System will stop this need to come up with clever little deeds to take from those who have – because then everybody has. How?

We made the rules – humans – we came up with this world system and economics.  And we can change the rules. To live on principle – always do what's best for all. Then we can give to all all that is required.

An Equal money system will take that 1% all to 100% of the world population who has access to all the  resources.