Monday, 22 August 2011

‘Saving must become Law’


In the never ending quest for solutions to make life better for South Africans (apparently) The Treasury wants to make it THE LAW where people are forced to save for retirement to reduce their dependence on thretirement-plane state when they become pensioners.

This means more money for the government and all its officials to spend as they please. Not caring about the consequences of this act:

You Have half the world in poverty – Millions in South Africa already cannot afford even food. How are they supposed to put aside some into a compulsory pension fund? From which they wont be able to withdraw money?

They say its to boost national savings and to make sure pensioners have money for retirement but this is all just a facade – the government officials and fat cats wants all the money – they want to protect their positions.

We have all these legislations and other bull crap coming out and they say its to improve the livelihood of the people, but at the end of the day if you take a step back and really have a look you will find it is to protect those who has all the money. Its to keep capitalism going. Its to keep the rich rich.

Why don't we simply stop. Its time we realize that we need a overhaul. That our current monetary system is not worth all its trouble. Its not worth having half the world in poverty and its not worth working for your whole life in fear of not having enough to feed your family only to spend 10 or 15 years of a limited retirement. In These times its not even certain that your retirement fund will be there waiting for you.

We suggest an Equal Money System. Retirement will come very early for everyone in an equal money system.

The reason for saving is to ensure a future for yourself. With Equal Money your future is already ensured.

What would you choose? The Current money system or Equal Money System?

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