Sunday, 21 August 2011

BBC Human Planet – Not Humane Planet…


I Watched BBC Human Planet a while ago and a few points came up:bbc_human_planet

The Point of the documentary was to show how humans have come to survive and live off the land in various environments around the world.


The Episode on Oceans showed some fascinating stuff – What people will do to survive.

The Most shocking was the compressor diving scene. It shows how about 80 men, who most are teenagers, dives down to 40m with a crappy boat. Air is provided by a thin tube for them pumped by a leaky compressor. Every time they dive they risk the compressor failing or tubes getting tangled. If this happens they will die.

Another risk is getting decompression sickness also known as the Benz. This is excruciatingly painful and can permanently paralyze you or kill you.

And they do this 3 times a day every week. Why? They need the money to survive.

They would not be doing that if they had alternatives! Some have been doing that for 30 years!

With a Equal Money System This would not happen. They would no longer need to put their lives on the line for money. Because in in a Equal Money system  everybody will have enough.

If you look at todays fishery you will notice that allot is being wasted. You have crappy boats going great lengths and depths  to make money. Where in a Equal Money System we can use the best fishing methods and technology available to get effective results – obviously considering the long term effect on the Oceans – The Ocean is Massive – with proper care it will provide enough food for Every being.

The Point is that with equal money allot will change, every decision will be made according to what is best for all. To End this bullshit where people suffer their whole lives to keep on breathing, to make sure their children keep on breathing – because with no money = no food= no breath. We have to pay just to breathe

With equal money your breath is free! Your children's breath is free.  You can be assured that from the moment they take their first breath till the day they give it back – a dignified Life with equal opportunity will be theirs.

What a World that would be. Only with Equal Money. Join Us.