Monday, 8 August 2011

2011–The Age of the Rioter and Revolutionary


The Anger and Frustration is escalating – People are becoming more and Image1more unpredictable as they act out what they feel.

Living is becoming more and more expensive and living conditions are becoming less and less dignified.

The people are getting angry – and like a child all they can do is throw a tantrum/riot. People are Demanding Change!

So we riot and spark revolutions and many die in the name of change – But have a look – NOTHING changes. Its actually is just getting worse.

That is because we are demanding the impossible:

What they do not realize is that change cost money! This world actually cannot afford to change – it cannot afford to take care of everybody. There is not enough money for it. Yes, the resources are available to give each and everyone a dignified life – its just that there is no money.

So be Assured – where there is a riot/tantrum – no change will follow.

So the problem lies in the system – So lets change the system.

Lest create a system that gives the best homes, food, products, essentials, living conditions and more for every being.

An Equal Money System is suggested.

Where instead of complaining and blaming and throwing stones and burning houses and killing people and bombing nations and looting shops and damaging property and waiting for others to make our lives better ------- we take self responsibility and bring the change ourselves.

We have to become the change – How can we expect change if we as a people do not change, individually each of us have to stop complaining and become self responsible. Take into consideration life and the life of others.

Live that which is best for all.

Lets create a system where that is possible –

If you want change then become the change – Desteni I Process