Wednesday, 30 November 2011

No More Relationships based on Money


Lets look at life – look at every single being in existence from the microscopic being to the blue whale and look at the way and of its life. It is to survive. And trillions of beings live according to that – survival.

In Nature it is like the the main goal in life – they have learned and evolved and adapted and everyday is am on going struggle to eat and not to be eaten. 

Humans are no different – if you want to know more about the nature of human just look at a documentary on nature. Nature is a reflection of us humans. We live also to survive and will adapt ourselves accordingly and do anything. Our survival has become about money. which brings me to one of the ways we use to survive and that is marrying money.

Allot of people are stuck in relationships, because if they leave they leave the one point of security have have which is money. So they will endure any abuse from the partner and keep a happy face – because they know you cannot live without money. It is so bad that the one with the money often knows the partner wont leave and then does whatever pleases them.

I have heard allot of parents tell their children half jokingly to marry someone with money – because that would be the easiest. Gold diggers. Its a common sight seeing a very young woman with an old rich man. Or most woman with rich men.

And so many people live like this married to money. Enduring a life of suffering and abuse or manipulation and deceit because they need the money.

In an equal money system this will END. Because you will not need money to survive anymore. No-one will be left for the wolfs just because they don't have money to live. No one will have to endure suffering and misery just to survive. Because from the day you are born to the day you die you will always be certain that you have a dignified life and that our children will have a dignified life. As it should be.

This will require a total new world system – one that's based on equality and life. Before we get to that we desperately need some solution to end the suffering those endure who have no money. The Basic Income Grant is that solution. Where people will get enough to buy food and have shelter. Not minimum, they must get enough . Isn't that  what you would like?

So lets end the abuse of the nature of the human which is money which is survival and lets start living for a change.

You can read all about it here:

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Solution to Permanently end Shark Finning


Finning - For those who don't know what this brutal gruesome crime against life is, its the cause of 100 millions shark deaths a year. Thshark_fin_soupey catch the shark – slice off its fins while its still alive and then tosses it back into the ocean. Sharks really need those fins so they eventually starve to death or die from the wounds, suffocate or get eaten, slowly.

Now the question is why is this being allowed to continue? What gives us the right to put another being through this torture? MONEY. A pound of dried shark fin goes for about $300 – its a multi billion dollar industry. Shark fin soup as well. And its only the fin that people like – the rest of the shark is considered ‘low quality meat’. So the sharks are being eradicated by the millions and will face extinction if this goes on - a reduction of 80% in some species in the last 50 years. 

There are various groups working to Ban shark finning and it has been banned in various places – but where there's money there is a way. The only way to truly end shark finning permanently is to stop the MAIN CAUSE which is the world economic system. The system where profit is above all ells. The fisherman need money to survive so they do these crappy cruel jobs to make a living. You take the need to survive and there will be no more slaves doing all the work so that those who desire it can eat it.

With the Equal Money System survival is replaced with actual living and everybody will always have enough. Animal torture is simply unacceptable and people do not need shark fins – its an unnecessary delicacy. It is also full of mercury so it actually poisonous. There are plenty other foods we can eat. And the equal money system wont be about profit or buying anymore. Its and Equal Value and equal life system.  No more profiting  from shark meat takes away the incentive to catch them. So as you can see shark finning will end permanently with the Equal Money System.

If you really want to see the end of abuse in all forms in this world then join us to make it a reality. I am part of a global movement to bring an end to our current way of living that do not consider all life equally. To se a change we must be the change. Follow these links for support and info :

ON the Equal Money System -

Join us to Be the change to see the change – /

Also a  book has been recently published on the Equal Money System -




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Saturday, 19 November 2011

The End to Dolphin Captivity is HERE!!


Do yourself a favour and watch the documentary – The Cove.

Rick O’Barry is the well known dolphin trainer who trained the 5 females who played ‘flipper’ in the popular TV series. Without know41575_136308216411400_3078_ning it at the time the TV series created a desire for people to touch and play with dolphins which then resulted in a multi-billionaire industry profiting from the exploitation of dolphins in captivity like Sea World.

Dolphins do not breathe automatically like we do – they have to make a conscious effort to take a breath. Its self willed breathing. And if things het too much they commit suicide by simply stop breathing which happened to one of the flipper dolphins – kathy – she swam up to him and died in his arms. From that day he realized that dolphins where not meant for captivity and went on a mission to free dolphins from captivity.

Wild dolphins live up to 45 years, but in captivity half die within 2 years. The other half have an average of about 5 years. 53% of the dolphins that survive capture die within 3 months. All this is just routine operating expenses. All for the sake of profit.

At the moment these animals are enduring unimaginable suffering – just to entertain those with money. How do we put an end to this? By taking the need for money to survive away.

All this suffering is due to money – and as we can see money is more important than life. And as long as we live in a world based on the need for money to survive and profit then dolphins have a very bleak future. We need a new system where life is actually important. Where life is considered, respected and honoured. We are supposed to be the custodians of earth – dedicated to preserve nature and help the animals where we can. Not to exploit them.

And with the Equal Money System life will not be about money anymore but about all beings living free from the moment of birth to death and never live in fear of it being taken away. And as the results show dolphins in captivity is pure abuse and thus there will be no dolphins kept in captivity.

So join us to end abuse in all ways permanently by starting at the source – YOU and ME. You can Read all about the system that would change the way we live:

Also visit the equal money Wiki :

Thursday, 17 November 2011

What the FAQ!?


There has been allot of questions asked regarding the Equal Money System. So we decided to compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we have encountered since talking about the system that will bring permanent solutions to this world.

So here it is for your convenience and for those who want further clarity.



There will be many more coming until every questioned is answered so stay tuned.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

What would life be like if you did not have to pay to be alive?


What would life be like if you did not have to pay to be alive? Basically all life is is you learn in school how to make money – then you pretty much work your whole life, have children and then die and so the cycle goes on. And from the moment you are born MONEY decides your life.

Have a look – all choices are based on money. Family dynamics depend on MONEY. Where you live – what you eat – your future  - It all depends on money.

The question we all should ask ourselves is how different our lives would be if money was not  lifes goal. Where life wasn't about just surviving. Where we didn't need to exploit the earth and the animals to make profit. Where we didn't need to pay to acquire critical human needs. Where we didn’t have to be self centred families to protect our own against those who also need to live. Where a dignified live for all was the basic standard of living and anything less would be unacceptable.

Where we would not have to pay just to breathe.

We can either all keep dreaming or stop for a moment and realize that WE humans created the current system. And that WE HUMANS can stop it. Another question would be when is enough enough? How long till we see that the system we created in our likeness is flawed and unless we change ourselves we will forever be at mercy of our self created inevitable destructive consequences.

We can either all keep dreaming or create a world that would be worth living in for every being on earth. Join us to make it a reality. Be part of the solution – read the monthly ‘Freedom Blog Books’. In the Books it is explained how its possible to create a world based on EQUALITY – and it is done One by One until its done.

Be a Plus One – read more here: The Equal Money System – Future of Money

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The B.I.G Solution – Bailing Out the Suffering


So we can agree that it is generally accepted that if you cannot afford a roof over your head you sleep on the streets. Or If you cannot afford food you Matti Freeman (9)die. Basically we have accepted and allowed the fact that if you don't have money then you wont have a life. The fact that we participate daily in this economic system shows we agree to all the aspects of it – all the hopes, dreams and suffering that goes with it.

Poverty still exist – because it actually helps the economy. Those in poverty do all your low end jobs or other jobs for cheap which means less cost for the company to make a better profit or to sell it cheaper so the consumer saves money. Slavery is still at large – even though they get ‘’paid’’ its barely enough to survive. We have half the world in poverty.  We have a world where the ‘’Better’’ half is using the lesser halves as slaves. Welcome to the world of Economic Slaves.

The Economic slaves are the ones doing all the work and getting none of the benefits – they don't get to reap what they sow. And they have no choice but to agree to the system  - you cannot live on an empty stomach. And so control and continuing agreements are kept and the rich stay happy and fulfilled while the rest suffer. That is life as we have created it.

And we can see that it is causing immense suffering yet we all hope that if we work harder that promotion will come or i will win the lottery or god will answer my prayers and reward me with a successful future with lots of money so that i can also have a taste of the ‘good life’. And so we hope instead of questioning this reality looking for ways to end the suffering.

That can be done with the Equal Money System. Then everybody can have the ‘good life’'. Although we have allot of work to do before everybody has the good life. The good life being – guaranteed decent food, water, house, electricity, internet, education and never to worry about ever losing it. We have the means and resources to do it – to give everybody an insured decent life for life. But that would be a new economic system that would take some time to implement so first we have to look at a solution to the suffering caused within this current world economic system.

The Basic Income Grant is a system that is proven that it works and is something that can be implemented within this world economic system. IT would solve uncountable amount of major problems with todays poverty stricken population. Those who are unemployed and unable to get jobs and are suffering and dying because of it would get an income – and here we have to look it very carefully as to the amount. It has to be a decent amount and not a bare minimum. It has to be enough to have a decent safe home with electricity and sanitation, enough food and access to water, proper clothing and proper education as well as transport to educational facilities.

That would end the suffering of so many. But then the question comes – who would do all the work? Who would do the crappy jobs? The fear of Who will do the work is actually --what will happen if there are no more economic slaves? We will be one step closer to a dignified life without another's suffering  being another's bread – a world without slaves!

How many jobs out there are actually necessary? Packing food, filling gas, scrubbing shoes. How many jobs can be replaced by machines? The only reason why people are against the use of machines is because it eliminates jobs for humans. With Equal money machines will be welcomed – even with the basic income grant.

And it is not required for everybody to work! 7 billion people – are there really 7 Billion jobs in the world. NO.

The Greece and other Bailouts show that there is enough money to fund this. The resources used on the military fir instance an be redirected towards the betterment for humanity. Which ever way we do it it must be done. The Occupy Wall street movements shoe that people had enough and the Basic Income Grant is something that would assist. 

So it would be beneficial for everybody to live without suffering and with B.I.G it is possible in the current economic system.

So join us at Desteni where we investigate practical solutions  to problems we face today within and without. Join the Movement into a world of Equality a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections.

The Equal Money System Book is available here: Along with many other self supportive products.




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