Monday, 30 May 2011

Toxin from GM crops found in human blood–New Study Reveals


article-0-00EE0C9300000578-468_468x314Genetically modified food are injected with genes extracted from bacteria which acts as a insecticide to make them resistant to pest attacks.

This becomes part of the plant so it is impossible to wash it off.

A new study done by Scientists from the University of Sherbrooke, Canada, have detected the insecticidal protein, Cry1Ab, circulating in the blood of people. The Toxin was also detected in pregnant woman and in fetal blood, indicating that it could pass on to the next generation.

Earlier studies have found the toxin in livestock that were fed GM corn.

Corporations have spend billions to create GM food, and made claims that it is safe to consume. The problem here is that GM crops are new – and because the consequences of GM on humans will only be reveals in time, they can claim that it is safe. And of course they make money out of it when people eat it.

GM brinjal was going to be released for commercial production(also containing the Cry1Ab toxin) in 2009. An Expert committee (EC-I) concluded that adequate safety tests had been performed, stating that "the benefits of Bt brinjal event EE-I developed by M/s Mahyco far outweigh the perceived and projected risks", and advised the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) to recommend commercialization of the Bt brinjal.[3]

After long protest it has been put on hold. A study has found after feeding rats GM bt brinjal for 90 days they experienced  " organ and system damage and had ovaries at half their normal weight, enlarged spleens with white blood cell counts at 35 to 40 per cent higher than normal with elevated eosinophils, indicating immune function changes

When the company ‘Mahyco  presented the results to the Genetic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) they either suppressed these facts or misrepresented them. Based on this data, the GEAC approved the commercial release of Bt brinjal

We have a BIG problem. What did we expect will happen when we eat food injected with chemicals? These have long term effects on the human body ad is not sufficiently researched and tested, because those who produce these crops wants to make MONEY. 

In this quest for money we use all kinds of chemicals in order to produce ‘’superior’’ crops that will as a result make more sales. Regardless of the consequences. Life has no say in this. Its all about the Money.

We cannot stop this poisoning of the human and animals that eat GM in a world based on money. Because that will always come first, the need to acquire more money.

We have to consider an alternative world monetary system – The Equal Money Equal Life System. This system would eliminate the need to produce food fast that look pretty so that more would buy it so that others can become rich while half the world dies. There will be no need to poison humans.

There is already enough food being produces to feed the whole planet. The years and resources spent in creating CM crops can then be redirected into providing solutions to permanently end world hunger – which will only take 3 years.

Time to find solutions that supports Life. And remember – you are what you eat…

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Equal Money to good to be true?


For how long will we read in the news what is accepted and allowed to exist in this world?poverty0125

For how long can we continue our daily lives knowing that the very system that keeps us alive, is responsible for countless deaths and unimaginable suffering.

For how long will we believe that there is no other way of living? How long will we believe that what we are doing is living, and that this is the way life is? Why do we believe so strongly that there is no alternative to this. Why is nobody coming up with permanent solutions to put an end to all this. Are Excuses more important? Why do we say ‘’there is nothing i can do’’.

If our lives are ok and safe, does that make it ok not to care. Why is it that we react to and attack any kind of solution?

What will it take to see that caring isn’t a feeling, but an action. But how is one to act when you need money to care. Why is care equal to your financial status? Why is one man’s death another man’s bread? To end all suffering will collapse the world economic system; it cannot function without suffering and abuse. How did we come to say that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is? Has deception become so normal to a level where it is expected and

Why can all earths’ problems be solved with money? More importantly - How can all earths problems be solved with Equal Money?

Google Equal Money System and investigate to see how this can be done.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Rapture Dooms-Day Date!


Yes, the date has been changed. Harold Camping revised his apocalyptic prophecy, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on October 21.

He Said that instead of the biblical Rapture in which the faithDoomsdayful would be swept up to the heavens, May 21 had instead been a "spiritual" Judgment Day, which places the entire world under Christ's judgment, he said. But because God's judgment and salvation were completed on Saturday, there's no point in continuing to warn people about it

Camping also prophesied the Apocalypse would come in 1994, but said later that didn't happen then because of a mathematical error.

Obviously there are people outraged having given away everything and now sit with nothing and blaming Camping. They should point the finger inward and get real. WE ARE STUCK HERE!!! We are going to have to deal with the shit here on earth.

While we are at it why don't we sort out this earth, make a place where we don't want to get away from. Were everybody would want to live. Then we wont need crazy Dooms Day stories.

Lets take self responsibility for our actions and live the message of Jesus.

an Equal Money System is what Jesus would have wanted

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Watermelon crops Become Fields of Landmines



Farmers have cleared out 45 hectares of burst watermelon in eastern China. In a attempt to make extra money the farmers overused  growth chemicals which resulted in the watermelons bursting open and state media dubbed them ‘’landmines’’.

Many farmers make use of illegal pesticides or are misusing them as well as fertiliser. There is also a wide spread overuse of additives like dyes and sweeteners that the retailers hope will make the food more attractive and boost sales.

This is obviously a problem. The food industry is all about making money anyway possible and that is not easy. This creates competition. And with competition there is desperation and abuse.

45 Hectare of watermelon is allot of food that is wasted. There is actually millions of tons of food wasted everyday just to keep prices under control.

In a Equal Money System instead of competing to make money from feeding people, we end the need for money to survive. Instead of thousands different food distributers we have one main worldwide agricultural department. We can then focus on making sure that every being has enough food. We end world hunger. Not only the humans but the animals as well. They are suffering a great deal and go through all kinds of hell just to get some food. We have to find ways to end their suffering as well.

This is only possible in a Equal Money System

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Jesus Not Here–Where did the Money Go?


And so the Day comes to a close, and nothing happened. 347846291_64957c38fe

Many have dedicated their lives to spreading the message of Jesus coming May 21. Churches and Christian radio stations have asked their believers to donate their life’s savings to them . Many have given up everything they had for a belief that they wont need it when Jesus comes.

Allot of accessories like T-shirts, paintings on cars all of which cost money have been bought by believers. So some people coined it big time.

What now?

Jesus didn't come, hundreds are probably sitting without anything. Will the church refund their believers? No they wont. Will the believers still believe the lies? Probably yes. Some excuse will be made. Note that this has happened before many times and all they do is change the date.

Stop wasting time waiting and believing that churches actually care about anything else than money. They rather give out bibles than provide food for the starving. They do not assist in finding solutions to the worldly problems we face daily. They don't follow the basic message of ‘’Love Thy Neighbour ‘’.

We Destonians spread the real message of Jesus. We are finding solutions to end all suffering. To make this earth heaven for everyone. No deceit. No Abuse.

Ask the Churches why they are not doing what is best for all.

End the lies with a Equal Money System

Become your own Saviour – Desteni I Process

Friday, 20 May 2011

There will be Certainty in Equal Money System – Products:


When buying something it would be convenient if it lasted. I had a pair of headphones that came with a 2 year warranty, it broke after the two year warranty. many such examples. expired_time-150x150

Some products you simply do not know when they will break. I was in a waiting room and i was watching this guy making himself a cup of filter coffee. He first tested the handle of the glass container to see if it will break or not. He then looked at me and said: ‘’ you never know when it might break’’.

This guy probably had some experience with stuff breaking unexpectedly. Some can only afford the cheap products that break easily.

Same with cars, how dependable a car is is based on how much you pay for it. Some cars break down when you least expect it, or something goes wrong and this can be dangerous to the driver and other drivers.

One thing we consumers do know is that our stuff will eventually break  - we don't know when, but it will break. It is designed to break so that companies can make more money.

We have low quality products because it is cheap to make – even though it last only a few months, not even. And this consumes a substantial amount of resources. And in the end it is wasted. 

Instead with the Equal Money System we can produce products of the highest quality possible. Then there is certainty that it will last. The safety of drivers is certain because everybody will have the best, safe and good quality cars. Or transportation will be safer. No more buses breaking down or catching fire. Planes crashing. No more headphones breaking due to crappy construction. No more hours wasted on trying to fix a faulty car due to crappy construction and time making it fall apart.

We have certainty in a Equal Money System. Time for change.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heaven is Make Believe


Stephen Hawking – ‘’heaven is a fairy tale’’

In a world were Suffering, Pain and death  exist – is part of our daily lives – we must have something to keep us going. Something to look forward to and to make life worth it – To Hope.

Heaven is that something. Like a bedtime story so that we sleep better at night. Bliss awaits us at the end of the tunnel.

So it doesn't matter how much we endure in the quest of survival we can be rest assured that there is a spot in heaven waiting for us. Like when we were children and believed in Santa and the tooth fairy – heaven is also another fairy tale. Some of us simply needs to wake still. 

Let us look at the following:

Earth is filled with enough resources for everybody to live. What decides who gets access is money.We need money in order to live on earth. As most are aware that is not easy. This need for money touniverse survive can be terrifying, and most don't have enough to survive so they anything to get money - crime. Those with money see what happens to those without money and will do almost everything to make sure they have enough money.

This spawns all sorts of problems  on earth – crime, war, famine, poverty, greed ect. Also it is were the story for heaven came from. It is something to look forward to and makes all earths suffering worth it.

Time to grow up and see it is all make believe. Time to wake up and look around, earth is our home – earth is real. Instead of wasting time and energy hoping and waiting for heaven when we die – why not make earth our heaven?

What would heaven on earth entail? All Beings have access to earths resources. All be rest assured as the need for survival no longer exist and all can truly live. Certainty that there will be food on the table – sufficient good quality food – from birth to death. Were we all wont have to work all our life. End of corruption and crime along with 99% of all earths problems. No need to believe in heaven as earth will be our heaven.

This can be done with a Equal Money System – a practical heaven for all.

For this man has to change as well. Why is compassion limited by money? We have programmed ourselves to be effective in a money based dog eat dog world system. Now we have to change to live in heaven.

But we still need money to survive. The solution would be to change ourselves so that our actions are what is best for all – and at the same time make money to be financially stable in this current world system.

With this we have Desteni I process – (click the link).

And here we have real solutions that everybody can apply practically in this lifetime to bring heaven on earth.

Stop Hoping and start Doing.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Greece a Barren Land


A wood cutter was sitting with a problem. A year ago he ran out of trees to cut as his land has become barren. He neeHandsHoldingSeedlingded the wood so that he could sell it to feed himself. When he ran out he borrowed wood from neighbours and promised to give back what he owed when his land has regrown trees, with interest of course.

But his land was barren, long ago stripped from its fertility to support new growth.

Now he needed to repay the wood he borrowed and restore his land for trees to grow. And so he made a deal hoping it would solve his problems – To borrow again to repay his debt and enough young trees to plant on his land so he could start over. Just enough to Bailout himself from the debt.

But the fertiliser ran out! The wood ran out again. The wood cutter is sitting with a problem.

The Greece bailout was a failure. The reason they were in a crises in the first place – getting into allot Debt – didn't change after the Bailout. You cannot have new growth on  barren land. So they inevitably ended up in the same position they were.

And the world Economy is based on debt. The only solution would be to change the system  -  Into a system where the wood cutter wont need to sell the wood in order to survive. Where his needs are taken care of and thus debt would be non existed:

Equal Money System where no land will be barren.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Save the Earth - Join protest against God


So the Apocalypse is close with one week to go. May 21 marks the date of the second coming.

burning-earth-210x210I have been living among animals for years now – at the farm we have ducks, geese, horses, chickens dogs, cats, an assortment of wild birds, 2 bucks, unknown amount of lizards. Then there's the insects that range from big to small and allot of trees and plants. And we have been taking care of them wherever we can.

There is more life on this farm than humans on earth.

So I call to all animal lovers – people who really go out of their own way to care for animals and I call nature lovers in general. When the Second Coming of Jesus is here, he will pass judgment. Those unworthy go to hell. Others to heaven. Then the earth will be destroyed!!! Yes. Goodbye animal Kingdom.

Earth Burned. Nature Burned. All that time and effort caring for the animals and trees and plants to make their lives comfortable for nothing. Animals and nature doesn't matter to God. Those who work closely and care for animals see the life in them. The very same life that will be taken from them by God.

Most of us can see that our human lifestyle is the cause of most suffering in nature, because of our need for money. And that something has to happen to end the suffering. Total annihilation is not the only option.

So if Jesus comes we protest against God for crimes against Life. I will not stand by and watch earth burn.

We must consider a new world system that supports all life on earth. Where abuse is impossible. Don't wait for the afterlife and hope you go to heaven – Instead with the Equal Money System we make this earth our permanent home, our heaven. And when we die we can be rest assured that we leave others behind in world free from suffering.

This is doable. This is Practical. Investigate Equal Money System as the alternative to the Apocalypse and a definitive permanent solution to end all suffering.


Don't Burn the Earth – We will Bring Heaven Here.

Desteni I Process – To save humanity

Friday, 13 May 2011

Overpopulation Not the Problem


puzzle_piecesThey mention in the ‘’Planet Earth Series’’ that overpopulation is one of the causes for endangering wildlife and reducing the quality of nature and the environment.

They say that the earth can approximately only handle about 1 Billion humans living on earth based on our current lifestyle. The human race will reach 10 Billion people by 2050.

This earth cannot handle 7 billion with our current way of living. So is reducing the population the only option? No. We need a new way of living.

With an Equal Money System earth can comfortably support everybody on earth without harming the ecosystem or endangering species.

Much of our resources we take from the earth are wasted -Millions tons of food gets thrown away – recourses are used on inferior low quality products that break easily just to make money.

Instead With a Equal Money System we can find effective ways so that nothing is wasted. For instance all products like cars, computers, cell phones ect, will be of top quality that will be designed to last. Everything that is made would be designed to last.

That act alone will reduce the resource use significantly. Food will be produced and made available in such a way that none is wasted.

Nothing will be wasted as there will be no disregard for Life in the name of greed. So this way we wont need an apocalypse to wipe out humans for our stupidity.

Earth is our home that we share with other beings. If Jesus comes 21 May to take the worthy and burn this planet we should tell him to either Fuck off or join us to bring heaven here to earth.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Save the People or The Wild? Both


elephants-tmWatching Planet Earth – The Future series. They are talking about plans for conserving wild animals and keeping them from going extinct. The mayor problem for the animals are that some of them share their environment with poverty stricken communities.

The people destroy the environment by  burning grass fields each year to fertilise the ground to have better growing grass for grazing their livestock. They need to do this to ensure money for them. This process however kills the wildlife.

ivory12You cant go to them and tell them they must stop, animals going extinct doesn't mean anything to them. If you had an option to keep a tree standing or feed your family…


Before we can find a solution to conserving wildlife we must find a solution to poverty. And if you have noticed there is no solution – nobody has been able to end poverty that has been around since the beginning of the system. That is because our economic system cannot function without poverty.

There is however a solution to end poverty and conserve wildlife indefinitely – Equal Money System.

We can see that money and the lack of money is the cause for poverty and wildlife going extinct. So in a Equal Money system we will investigate what human populated areas cause damage to the environment and see where we can make improvements or relocate. The people wont need to burn vulnerable grass lands in order to make money, or clear forests to make space for money making facilities, because everyone will have enough.

Children will be educated on the ecosystem and the importance thereof. And since making money to survive wont be the purpose of life we can start by cleaning up the mess we have made. We wont be limited by money in order to do something that needs to be done like taking care of nature. It would only require those who care.

The problem with those who care in this world now is that they don't have the money or time to care, because they need time to make money to survive.

It is about time we do something about our way of living – simply look at the earth – it is not working for everybody and most suffer for it.

Let us then bring in the Equal Money System as the final permanent solution to everything.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Haves and the Have-nots


Dispair2In South Africa we had apartheid until 1994. There were those who have and those who didn’t have. Those who didn’t have – wanted. Now in 2011 the have-nots have what they wanted. And they are doing anything to get it.

Corruption has become normal and it is being justified by them that they deserve the good life as compensation for their time of suffering when they were have-nots, Pay back.

And this is a viscous cycle between the haves and the have-nots that has been going on for centuries.

This cycle must end. This war for money. Why can’t we all be the haves? That would stop the want, the greed and corruption and deceit, because everybody would be the haves.

This obviously cannot work in our current world system, because the haves take from the have-nots. Thus the change for a Equal Money System is required. Were we make sure everybody has and that there will be no more have-nots.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shit in the Open - No Dignity In This System

1600 toilets in a Free State  ANC-run  municipality have been left without enclosures for the past eight years, the Sunday Times reported.

For eight years?! A basic human need to shit cant even be provided for. It cost about R40 000 to cover one toilet. The materials are available just not the money.

In a Equal Money System this would be unheard of. A system will be placed where all basic needs are provided for. Not only decent toilets, but decent housing, decent food, decent water and decent Life - For Everybody.

Equal Money System for a Dignified Life

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Baby for sale to child molester for $300

Yes, this really happened and is still happening around the world.

The first thing most do when they read this is thinking what a monster would do that.
What would you do in a system where you have to make money to survive?

Where the choice is either to starve or do something to get some money. That is our world and the consequences thereof are events that result in abuse - People will do anything to survive.

What we are saying is that this doesn't have to be this way. This can end.
Investigate Equal Money System.

In a world where fear of losing everything wont exist anymore, wont be a drive to commit gruesome acts in order to survive - Because everybody will have a place on earth and access to all basic human needs.

A Life based on support - Equal Money System

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Family Suicides Rising - How to End this

You are a child, say 9 years, and your purpose is to stay alive. Your mother and father don’t have jobs, because there aren’t any and hungry nights come more often. You have been living like this for years – trying to scrape some money in order to feed the family and you will do anything, because you can’t stand the cries of your sister as she with the rest of the family go to bed without food.

Your mother has become sad, and the sadness grows everyday – she cannot take care of you.

One of the lucky nights everybody has food. Mother is not as sad tonight. Father takes the bread and gives each of us a piece. We all eat. Mother is smiling now, saying that we will no longer know the pain of hunger and everything will be ok. I become sleepy. I see sister is already asleep, Mother crying now saying everything will be ok...

How do you live on nothing? How are you to live when your children cry of the hunger? When you can’t even take care of yourself?

All because you don’t have money, paper. There is so much suffering out in this world, people who simply snap and find no other option but to end their life. And this is our world. This is accepted and Allowed. There is nothing being done to put a stop to this suffering. In fact – everything is being done to make sure the world economic system keep going.

And to keep this system going Billions must suffer daily.

Is that not enough reason and proof that the system is flawed? That we must put a stop to this? To find ways to give a life for everybody on earth? One worth living. Where events like the one above will be unheard of

There is another way – a solution actually – to end all abuse. To end all suffering once and for all.
All in one lifetime. A life where we can know with absolute certainty that our children will be safe, and that their children will be safe, and their children’s children on and on. Because Life is Valued above everything else.

The Equal Money System is that solution. Time for change. Now

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Homeless Man Arrested for not Giving Physical Address


A homeless man that is a convicted sex offender got arrested because he failed to notify police that he moved out of the dumpster he listed as his physical address.

Being a sex offender he is required to give his physical address to authorities. They found him at a homeless shelter and arrested him and now faces a 3 year jail sentence for not giving his new physical address to authorities.

How can you expect a homeless person to give a physical address?! He is homeless!!! This is the state of our law, it has so many loop holes that is used by the criminals that it no longer makes any real sense.

If you apply common sense to LAW then most of the laws will have to be rewritten or thrown out. The law is made so that abusers can get away.

Its is abusive and must change in a way that is supportive and protects Everybody. We all know the law system is ridiculous, but we do nothing about it. Let us bring in  Common Sense Law with the Equal Money System and put an end to criminals walking free and deceptive lawyers in it for the money.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fishers go hungry after Ban to keep Beach for the Rich

For years the only way to make a living for some people is to fish of the beach piers. Some could make between R250 and R500 extra a month. And since the ban people have been unable to even feed themselves or their families. They depended on selling fish to get by.

The Durban City banned fishing of the piers to make the beach more pleasant for swimmers and surfers and to enjoy themselves as well as tourists. They obviously don’t care about the livelihood of those fishermen who are starving or need the money to pay for their children’s education.

Can you live with only R250 a month? For a house, food ad school fees?
What is the solution to this? The City wants to give the fisherman a pier just for them – unfortunately the fish don’t go to that pier. The city said they must use boats to do fishing – How are they to afford a boat? Where will they keep the boats? There are hundreds of fisherman making a so called living on the fish.

What is the real solution? Equal Money System. You won’t starve anymore because the fish don’t bite. You won’t need to go everyday for your whole life and fear the hunger of yourself and your family if the fish don’t bite. We all need to eat – so everybody will have enough to eat.

Our current economic system is destroying lives. If you don’t have money then you don’t exist, you don’t matter.

It is time for this abuse to end and for all life to matter – Equal Money System