Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Equal Money to good to be true?


For how long will we read in the news what is accepted and allowed to exist in this world?poverty0125

For how long can we continue our daily lives knowing that the very system that keeps us alive, is responsible for countless deaths and unimaginable suffering.

For how long will we believe that there is no other way of living? How long will we believe that what we are doing is living, and that this is the way life is? Why do we believe so strongly that there is no alternative to this. Why is nobody coming up with permanent solutions to put an end to all this. Are Excuses more important? Why do we say ‘’there is nothing i can do’’.

If our lives are ok and safe, does that make it ok not to care. Why is it that we react to and attack any kind of solution?

What will it take to see that caring isn’t a feeling, but an action. But how is one to act when you need money to care. Why is care equal to your financial status? Why is one man’s death another man’s bread? To end all suffering will collapse the world economic system; it cannot function without suffering and abuse. How did we come to say that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is? Has deception become so normal to a level where it is expected and

Why can all earths’ problems be solved with money? More importantly - How can all earths problems be solved with Equal Money?

Google Equal Money System and investigate to see how this can be done.