Thursday, 5 May 2011

Family Suicides Rising - How to End this

You are a child, say 9 years, and your purpose is to stay alive. Your mother and father don’t have jobs, because there aren’t any and hungry nights come more often. You have been living like this for years – trying to scrape some money in order to feed the family and you will do anything, because you can’t stand the cries of your sister as she with the rest of the family go to bed without food.

Your mother has become sad, and the sadness grows everyday – she cannot take care of you.

One of the lucky nights everybody has food. Mother is not as sad tonight. Father takes the bread and gives each of us a piece. We all eat. Mother is smiling now, saying that we will no longer know the pain of hunger and everything will be ok. I become sleepy. I see sister is already asleep, Mother crying now saying everything will be ok...

How do you live on nothing? How are you to live when your children cry of the hunger? When you can’t even take care of yourself?

All because you don’t have money, paper. There is so much suffering out in this world, people who simply snap and find no other option but to end their life. And this is our world. This is accepted and Allowed. There is nothing being done to put a stop to this suffering. In fact – everything is being done to make sure the world economic system keep going.

And to keep this system going Billions must suffer daily.

Is that not enough reason and proof that the system is flawed? That we must put a stop to this? To find ways to give a life for everybody on earth? One worth living. Where events like the one above will be unheard of

There is another way – a solution actually – to end all abuse. To end all suffering once and for all.
All in one lifetime. A life where we can know with absolute certainty that our children will be safe, and that their children will be safe, and their children’s children on and on. Because Life is Valued above everything else.

The Equal Money System is that solution. Time for change. Now