Monday, 16 May 2011

Greece a Barren Land


A wood cutter was sitting with a problem. A year ago he ran out of trees to cut as his land has become barren. He neeHandsHoldingSeedlingded the wood so that he could sell it to feed himself. When he ran out he borrowed wood from neighbours and promised to give back what he owed when his land has regrown trees, with interest of course.

But his land was barren, long ago stripped from its fertility to support new growth.

Now he needed to repay the wood he borrowed and restore his land for trees to grow. And so he made a deal hoping it would solve his problems – To borrow again to repay his debt and enough young trees to plant on his land so he could start over. Just enough to Bailout himself from the debt.

But the fertiliser ran out! The wood ran out again. The wood cutter is sitting with a problem.

The Greece bailout was a failure. The reason they were in a crises in the first place – getting into allot Debt – didn't change after the Bailout. You cannot have new growth on  barren land. So they inevitably ended up in the same position they were.

And the world Economy is based on debt. The only solution would be to change the system  -  Into a system where the wood cutter wont need to sell the wood in order to survive. Where his needs are taken care of and thus debt would be non existed:

Equal Money System where no land will be barren.