Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 - It’s illegal to Cure Cancer



Yes, there is a cure for cancer. Its been around for many years. The only reason why you don't know about it is because if a Doctor gives you the knowledge to cure cancer they will loose their licence, go to jail or pay a    $10 000 fine.

Yes, there is a cure for cancer but its illegal. It’s illegal to cure cancer with anything except chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

Lets look at todays conventional main weapon against cancer – chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is pumping poison into your body. FDA deems it safe and effective although a common side effect is death.

In 1985 a study confirmed that chemotherapy is only effective for 2% to 3% of all cancer patients. In the past 27 years that figure has not changed. Despite Billions of dollars spent on winning the war against cancer - chemotherapy has never proven to do any good at all for the 90% of cancers that causes death. Death rates remain the same since the war on cancer began in 1970. Yet – 80% of patients receive chemo.

Now there is something really wrong with this picture. My mother died of cancer and went through much pain with the chemotherapy and the costs involved were phenomenal – but the doctors told her its the only way. Why wasn't she told of an alternative?

Everybody knows Chemo is expensive – you could end up spending half a million dollars on medical fees. So now ask yourself where does all that money go? The Cancer Industry.

Yes, there is a multi–billion dollar industry raking in the cash from your pain and suffering. What they do is give you a treatment that does not work. And because its so ineffective when the cancer returns you have to do the chemo again, and again, and again. You are a money farm to the medical companies. Its in their best interest for you to be sick and they will and do make sure they keep on getting richer.

They have done a nice job – the cancer industry – because as of today most people don't even know there is a cure.

The Cure for Cancer? Diet. Stay tuned for the next blog …

(Watch ‘’healing Cancer’’ – a documentary for a full overview of this situation)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

2012 Justice System– 50 years for sharing music VS 20 years for rape and murder


Megaupload owner KIM SCHMITZ is facing 50 years imprisonment for sharing files. Another man who killed raped and burned a woman to death gets 20 years jail time.

There must be something wrong here right? How does this make any sense? Actually – in terms of this world system it makes perfect sense and justice has been served. How So?

In this system money is a priority. Life is about money and the system protects its money. To the system Money is more valuable than life and will do anything to protect it.

Sharing files on the net causes major money loss and thus a strict sentence is given. People suffering and dying does not cost money – it actually creates more i.e. funerals, slavery etc.

Welcome to life on earth where money takes priority over all else. I find this unacceptable. Why does it have to be this way? Ever asked yourself that? Is there no other way we can brig value back to life?

Equal Money System –  We can live a new system where life is a priority. Where money becomes obsolete and living life becomes a pleasure for everybody. Its about time we end this game of survival. Take action and stand up and speak out to that which is unacceptable. Take part in ripping appart and exposing this world for what it really is and join us in implementing the solution of life.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2012 – Christian Party Shocked at Poster…Seriously???


A picture showing a mixed race couple in a embrace was shocking to the Christian Democratic Party in South Africa saying it promotes sexual immorality.

Over the years Christians have made a lot of complaints about anything that goes against their religion. They go as far as making statements saying how unhappy it makes them and demand to get their way. And it usually involves things like sex or something some public official  said  that doesn't correlate with them.

What I would like to know is why the churches And Christian Parties don't find daily starvation shocking. Or a homeless man on the street shocking. Why don't people find daily life as we live and know it shocking? Why don't pastors look for permanent solutions? Why are they not doing statements and complaints on how unacceptable it is for people to go hungry?

Why only make a big deal on trivial points like posters? Its very easy to complain. But here the clincher – They don't have the answer OR a permanent solution to make life better for every being on earth. Its all about the after life – it only matters where YOU are going and not what you leave behind.

So earth and everything in it doesn't really matter – because it is only temporary and will with the coming of Jesus be destroyed by God along with trillions of other beings who share the earth with us humans.

IF all lived by the words of Jesus ‘’ love they neighbour as thyself’’ this world would have been a lot better. But nobody does – there's always conditions attached.

This life and this earth is all there is. This is it. This is all that matters. Now, we could wait and watch as we humans destroy the planet hoping some higher power will save us OR we can take action NOW and start the process by shouting out what is unacceptable and what must change to make this world heaven for everyone. And that is exactly what is being done with the development of the Equal Money System.

IN The Equal Money System it will be shocking and quite unbelievable to find starving people – Poverty wont exist anymore. Its a system that works for EVERYBODY.

Time to make a stand end the ridiculousness of making big issues out of nothing while ignoring that which is important. Make a stand with us. Its time we bring honour back to living.

Join us at Desteni.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 – Prophecies of 2012: Will we be Shift-faced


Continuing with the prophecies of 2012

From somewhere far way there are beings that are transmittinlightworkerg certain frequencies (since1987) called ‘’wave of love’’ to assist humanity to awaken dormant energies in order to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness and in doing so  we humans can shift into a higher state of consciousness and live in a world of peace love and harmony.

This above theory is what many believe. If you look at how the state of the world in 1987 and compare it to now 2012 – did the world improve of drastically worsen?  IF positive thinking was the solution and worked shouldn't the world be a better place by now? Doesn't that suggest there is something wrong here.

Unfortunately there will be no shift. We can try and vibrate as much as we want – if we cant even complete simple tasks like feed people who starve then how can we expect ourselves to become something more?

There is nobody out there who is looking out for us – if you had power to stop a child from being raped you would stop it, so why is there no thing intervening?

We have to bring the change ourselves ad with the Equal Money System we can. Where we take out the game of money and survival to live in a world free from abuse. Join us at Desteni to be part of the creation of heaven on earth.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 – Prophecies Of 2012 : Ascension Is Leaving Reality


This is the year of prophecy that is said when people will ascend. Leave this dimensional reality and go to another one that is free from negativity.

This is understandable. That people desire to leave this world human-space-universe-cosmosand go to a better place, because this world is really messed up. And for some the only way to deal with that is to block out and ignore the bad shit that is happening every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Ignoring something doesn't make it cease to exist.

We cannot blame negative thinking either. Positive thoughts cannot exist without negative thoughts. We have to look at the origin of these thoughts – We create them. Its part of who we are. And its ‘’who we are’’ that's the real issue here. Even if you were to ascend that ‘’who you are’’ is going with you and will eventually make the other as messed up this one.

So we have to change who we are. We created this world in our image and likeness – what does that say about us? We are truly evil.

So we here at Desteni are going to be ones who stay behind. We are going to make this world the life everyone should have. To actually give a dam about nature and earth and thy neighbour.  To make this world free from about.

We do this by changing who we are. To annihilate the inherit evil and become beings who always live that which is best for all and in this make all abuse impossible to be part of reality ever again.

We understand one fundamental point – nothing will change unless the human change.

So join us to bring the change by becoming the change –

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2012–Prophecies of 2012: Pole Shift


2012 is the favourite date for End of World Times. And the earth it seems will go through some tough times.Pole-change-Pole-movements-in-2012

In my previous blog post i covered the Mayan Calendar. Here I will go through some prophesied  ‘’world destruction’’ scenarios that people have said will happen this year.

One of them is the pole shift AND the magnetic pole reversal. The pole shift is where earth actually shifts and the north pole wont be o top of the earth anymore. It is said that this shift will happen suddenly and cause major destruction. Although shifting has happened before it occurs over a long period of time – so long that nobody would notice.

The Magnetic pole reversal refers to south pointing north and north pointing south which would have dire consequences to life on earth. And both these events are going to occur at the same time. The thing about pole shifts is that its totally unpredictable.

But then again it might happen – earth may just decide it had enough of humans, give a good shake and there's the end of humanity. The end of the day if it does happen there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Maybe just before the end take a good look at your life and the  life of others and ask yourself how you could have made a difference to end the bullshit that is life as we have created it with all its abuse. The maybe its not so bad that it all ends.

BUT – In the more likely event that NOTHING happens and you are sick and tired of people who prophesised the end and when nothing happened they say ‘’we got the date wrong’’ and then postpone it endlessly – why not instead create a world where you would like to live in? Its very easy to live in fear and to use that fear not to stand up and change all that which is unacceptable on earth and then instil that fear on others to justify your own actions. 

The world is not going to just end. It will slowly and painfully end as we consume all the resources in the name of greed.  They are already starting to run out. Why is oil prices rising drastically…

So if you wake up January 1 2013 and life is still as it is now and you want it to change then Join us at Desteni for a life that is continuous and free for all that reside on earth. We will be the ones making this world worth living in with the Equal Money System.

You might want to have a look at this:

Sunday, 8 January 2012

2012 – Prophecies of 2012: Mayan Calendar


So Here we are at last – 2012. Will the world end or not? What exacmayan-prophecytly should we look out for or expect will happen?

In the spirit of 2012 I gathered 5 Events of what is going to happen on doomsday in a 5 part blog series. In this one is an explanation of why people feel the need to have the world end.

The Mayan Calendar sparked it all. It only tracks the time for 26 000 years and ends December 21 2012 and this apparently means the end of the world. It doesn't.

Firstly - calendars keep track of time passing. It doesn't predict the future. Just like all calendars – including the Mayan Calendar  - they end somewhere. Our calendars end December 31 and start again 1 January. The Mayan Calendar also ends and actually starts a new cycle.

The Mayans never made any doomsday prophecies. So this whole Event was based on the end of a calendar.  Imagine that.

The world is not ending this year – always ask yourself how do these people know what is going to happen in 2012? Then ask yourself why do people make up Doomsday Prophecies and why do so many people believe it?

Our world is so messed up that people want it to end. And in the end that's all it is – an escape from this reality. A quick fix for all our problems. Something greater putting an end to the suffering. Not so hard to image why people believe in doomsdays.

Nothing is going to save us from ourselves. If we want a better world free from suffering and pain we are going to have to create it ourselves. We have to put an end to survival and the world economic system. We have to put an end to this world  WE created  OURSELVES that caused that is the cause of all the suffering. WE have to make this world so that nobody would want to leave it – a world worth living in. And in a Equal Money System we can.

We created the world  as it functions today in our image and likeness. That means that we have to change ourselves first before we can change the world. There is no quick fix here.

Be part the group that is for making this world a world worth living in, a group that realises that we have to change our way of being to change the world. A group that will not stop until its done. Join the Destonians

Listen to this interview for more perspective(click on image):