Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012 - It’s illegal to Cure Cancer



Yes, there is a cure for cancer. Its been around for many years. The only reason why you don't know about it is because if a Doctor gives you the knowledge to cure cancer they will loose their licence, go to jail or pay a    $10 000 fine.

Yes, there is a cure for cancer but its illegal. It’s illegal to cure cancer with anything except chemotherapy, surgery or radiation.

Lets look at todays conventional main weapon against cancer – chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is pumping poison into your body. FDA deems it safe and effective although a common side effect is death.

In 1985 a study confirmed that chemotherapy is only effective for 2% to 3% of all cancer patients. In the past 27 years that figure has not changed. Despite Billions of dollars spent on winning the war against cancer - chemotherapy has never proven to do any good at all for the 90% of cancers that causes death. Death rates remain the same since the war on cancer began in 1970. Yet – 80% of patients receive chemo.

Now there is something really wrong with this picture. My mother died of cancer and went through much pain with the chemotherapy and the costs involved were phenomenal – but the doctors told her its the only way. Why wasn't she told of an alternative?

Everybody knows Chemo is expensive – you could end up spending half a million dollars on medical fees. So now ask yourself where does all that money go? The Cancer Industry.

Yes, there is a multi–billion dollar industry raking in the cash from your pain and suffering. What they do is give you a treatment that does not work. And because its so ineffective when the cancer returns you have to do the chemo again, and again, and again. You are a money farm to the medical companies. Its in their best interest for you to be sick and they will and do make sure they keep on getting richer.

They have done a nice job – the cancer industry – because as of today most people don't even know there is a cure.

The Cure for Cancer? Diet. Stay tuned for the next blog …

(Watch ‘’healing Cancer’’ – a documentary for a full overview of this situation)