Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2012 – Prophecies Of 2012 : Ascension Is Leaving Reality


This is the year of prophecy that is said when people will ascend. Leave this dimensional reality and go to another one that is free from negativity.

This is understandable. That people desire to leave this world human-space-universe-cosmosand go to a better place, because this world is really messed up. And for some the only way to deal with that is to block out and ignore the bad shit that is happening every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Ignoring something doesn't make it cease to exist.

We cannot blame negative thinking either. Positive thoughts cannot exist without negative thoughts. We have to look at the origin of these thoughts – We create them. Its part of who we are. And its ‘’who we are’’ that's the real issue here. Even if you were to ascend that ‘’who you are’’ is going with you and will eventually make the other as messed up this one.

So we have to change who we are. We created this world in our image and likeness – what does that say about us? We are truly evil.

So we here at Desteni are going to be ones who stay behind. We are going to make this world the life everyone should have. To actually give a dam about nature and earth and thy neighbour.  To make this world free from about.

We do this by changing who we are. To annihilate the inherit evil and become beings who always live that which is best for all and in this make all abuse impossible to be part of reality ever again.

We understand one fundamental point – nothing will change unless the human change.

So join us to bring the change by becoming the change –