Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 – Prophecies of 2012: Will we be Shift-faced


Continuing with the prophecies of 2012

From somewhere far way there are beings that are transmittinlightworkerg certain frequencies (since1987) called ‘’wave of love’’ to assist humanity to awaken dormant energies in order to vibrate at higher levels of consciousness and in doing so  we humans can shift into a higher state of consciousness and live in a world of peace love and harmony.

This above theory is what many believe. If you look at how the state of the world in 1987 and compare it to now 2012 – did the world improve of drastically worsen?  IF positive thinking was the solution and worked shouldn't the world be a better place by now? Doesn't that suggest there is something wrong here.

Unfortunately there will be no shift. We can try and vibrate as much as we want – if we cant even complete simple tasks like feed people who starve then how can we expect ourselves to become something more?

There is nobody out there who is looking out for us – if you had power to stop a child from being raped you would stop it, so why is there no thing intervening?

We have to bring the change ourselves ad with the Equal Money System we can. Where we take out the game of money and survival to live in a world free from abuse. Join us at Desteni to be part of the creation of heaven on earth.