Saturday, 30 April 2011

Xenophobia will end in a Equal Money System

In South Africa is dangerous for immigrants, especially in poor communities, to look for jobs here. Xenophobia is primarily directed to foreigners living in poor communities, because people blame them for taking their jobs, housing and increase of crime.
Many immigrants have faced horrific deaths and violence including rape, burned and thrown with acid. All because they fear immigrants making job availability scarce. All for MONEY

On 28 May 2008, At least 50 people died, more than 1000 injured, scores of women gang-raped and nearly 35 000 displaced as xenophobia attacks spread. This event was described by a SA news paper-The Sunday Independent- as ‘ethnic cleansing - SA style'.

And all comes down to the need for money. The fear of not having enough money to survive. With an Equal Money System that fear wont exist, because then all Life is valued and everybody will get enough to live.
Not in some shack or RDP house that's falling apart. Proper housing for All.

Let us end this senseless killing in the name of MONEY and bring in a system that supports all beings that walk the earth, isn't that what Jesus would want us to do? Vote Equal Money 

Friday, 29 April 2011

Yes, More Destruction with Super Tornadoes in US

At least 297 people killed and thousands injured as the biggest tornadoes in 40years hits US.
People only had 24minute warning to get out of harms way, which was not enough time because the tornadoes were simply too powerful and wide. it obliterated entire towns.

This after the US was struck recently by a number of tornadoes. We are only in April now and there has been MAJOR destruction across the globe.

So what now? Is there money available to assist those people affected to restore their homes? Obama is already spending millions just for elections. There are already  people sitting without homes, why not help them? If he does suddenly assist these people struck by disaster then what is going on?

With a Equal Money System immediate action will be taken to assist people struck by disaster. And research can be done to verify if people should still live in areas where natural disasters strike. We can easily relocate people, because money wont be an issue. Its all about Life. No more the need for risking yourself to live next to a active volcano because that is were you were born and to move will be costly or put you without a job.

Dont be fooled, there is alot of space for everybody to have homes in this world, Its massive. And allot of space is wasted on factories and industrial building all in the name of making money. Which will diminish.
Then there is also those empty 11 cities in China.

Its time we work together and each stand up for a life worth living. Let us bring in the Equal Money System

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Raped at Safe House by Child Welfare Supervisor

Young children have allegedly been raped and one made pregnant at a safe house for victims of serious crime.
The alleged perpetrator is a supervisor in a child welfare organization and closely works with the police Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offensive Unit.

Nowhere is safe and this World. This must end. we must have a system that will eliminate crime. Most crime exist because of money or the lack thereof.

End survival and abuse - Equal Money System

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Crime Prevention non Existent

Im reading a article about people living in poor towns where the crime rate increases every year.

Rabie Ridge is a town in South Africa with a population of 1.3million and only 140 police officers. 5 years ago there were 266 house robberies, 19 hijacking and and 77 theft out of motor incidents compared with 469house robberies, 71 hijacking and and 237 theft out of motor incidents  last year.

Alcohol and drug dependence plays major role in these crimes.

But the real issue here is survival. They have a choice to steal or go hungry and die - what would you choose?
Our world system is based on money, if you dont have money then you cant survive. And we cant expect the political leaders to save us and solve this problem, because the system is at fault.

So let us then change this system into a practical, functional and effective system that provides for EVERYBODY always. This will drop the crime rate almost 100%. The ultimate crime stopper - Equal Money System.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Jesus is Coming 21 May 2011 - Specifics

So according to some calculations and intensive reading between the lines people have come to a conclusion that Jesus Christ is coming in  21 May 2011 and take his believers and pass judgment.

If this was true then all of humanity will go to hell. Have a look at your thoughts and feelings and actions - if you are self honest about it then you will see that you are constantly living in sin.

We have made a mess of this world and it is just piling up. War, murder, famine, abuse, rape, corruption, stealing - This list can go on and on.There is no clear solution being presented by our leader.

But according to christian believe this is OK, it is OK that our earth is slowly but surely being destroyed and it is OK that billions suffer because of how we live in this world - Because Jesus will sort this out. He will come and take the few believers send the rest to hell and then destroy the earth anyway. Along with nature and all the animals and creatures that had to endure the abuse of humans. Does that not send up a red flag? What about the animals?

That is actually brutal.

Now when that day comes and Jesus doesnt arrive, what then?
Most will come up with some sort of excuse or delay the date. And maybe some will see past the delusion and take self responsibility to start sorting out THIS reality by means of a Equal Money System

That is the real savior. Not only will it ensure a better life for ALL humans it will also ensure a better life for All animals and ALL of nature. And the equal money system it will be so for eternity.

Don't wait for heaven, bring heaven here with the Equal Money System.
Click the link and investigate to become the savior with many others.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Termites Break into Steel Bank and Eat Money

India- The Bank manager was in for surprise when he opened the steel reinforced room, Termites helped themselves to 10 million rupees (R1.48 million). The money was stacked in a steel chest.

Police is investigating exactly how the termites got into the steel chest.

To these termites money is nothing but paper, its a convenient food source. Money does however contribute to countless abuse of animals, environment destabilization, pollution and general extermination and exploitation of nature. We do this in the name of money!!!!

Our World Economic System is diminishing everything that has actual true value. It is time we Terminate this economic system and bring in the Equal Money System so that we can care for that which is far more important than money - Life

Drinkers can't tell difference between Expensive and Cheap Wine.

A Blind wine-tasting test held at the UK found that volunteers where unable to distinguish between cheao and expensive wine in a blind test.
They survey of 578 wine-tasters found that on average people could tell the good wine from the cheap wine no more than if they simply guessed.
The study found that the people could only distinguish the good from the cheap wine 53% of the time, which suggest a 50/50 chance to get the answer right. The same odds of flipping a coin.

A psychologist who conducted the survey said: ''people just could not tell the difference between cheap and expensive wine. When you know the answer, you fool yourself into thinking you would be able to tell the difference, but most people simply cant''.


You would expect that you should be able to tell the difference with expensive wine, since you pay so much for it.
So the question is what is really going here? There is a MASSIVE wine industry out there. But if most people cannot tell the cheap from expensive why are they paying so much for a bottle? Its an idea that i have paid allot for this wine therefor it must be better quality, but the above survey proofs this to be wrong.

The value was placed on these bottles by people. The few who are ''trained'' tells you that this particular bottle is of high quality according to this and that texture and smell, but they were trained as well, by other people. So they trained their taste-buds to familiarize specific attributes and according to the perception and memory of what they learned they will make a judgment on the quality.    
 You cant tell the difference, but as long as you pay ALLOT for it then you can.

So it is based on perception.  You change you perception you change your world.

We can change our perception about money - its just paper and numbers. We can change it so that we are able to give everybody in this world equal opportunity to live a dignified life.
That we don't have to survive and fight our whole lives just to keep hunger away while people sit and drink ''expensive'' wine pretending the world is OK.

We do that with a Equal Money System where we can put value back to where it belongs - In Life, All Life.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Benefits for 80 000 Britton addicts

''More than 80 000 Britons claim payments for long-term sick leave because of obesity or drug or alcohol addiction. Out of these, more than 21 200 alcoholics and drug addicts have been receiving the payments for over 10 years'' - News 24

The benefit program was designed as a way to assist people who have problems due to addictions and obesity and are unable to work, so that they can get back on their own feet and start working again.

Instead what it does is trap people in an endless cycle of addiction and depending on the the benefit payments.
The real issue is not being addressed here - Our Economic system.

It doesn't work for everybody. Most struggle just to stay alive for their whole life. This is a future that awaits many on this earth - suffering.  So then drugs and alcohol becomes a way of escape.

The proof is the pudding.

How can we stop this viscous cycle that has been going on forever?

By ensuring a Future of Certainty and Stability from the moment you are conceived till the day you die.
With the Equal Money System( follow link).

There will be food for everyone, water, housing, education. All the basic needs of the Human to be able to live effectively. Because inst that what you would like?  And we wont have to pay for it.

Investigate this solution to life.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chernobyl donations fall short of goal

A donor conference is seeking $1.1bn to clean up the disaster site and make it environmentally safe.
They were only able to gather a total of $785m so far.

Other countries that would have donated couldn't due to economical difficulties or pending elections(To stay in power in more important that providing assistance).

This nuclear accident happened in 1986, and its still not sorted out. Just because there is not enough money.
The resources are available, just not money.

In A Equal Money System where Life is the Priority all necessary resources will be allocated to any disaster stricken place. There will be no waiting for years like in Haiti while people suffer, but swift effective relief - because we wont be limited by money. We can then focus on the more important aspects of living to make sure everyone has enough.

Nobody owns the planet, it is here for everybody.

Toxicity in Ocean off Cape Town

Hundreds of dead abalone have washed up on Melkbos beach near Cape Town in recent weeks, prompting fears that the ocean in the area between Bloubergstrand and Melkbosstrand is toxic. Two fishing boats also came across thousands of dead abalones and other dead sea organisms. A 240kg marlin also washed up.

So far no officail answer has been given as to what is the cause of these deaths.

This is a serious problem and little attention is being given to this point that has been going on for weeks.

Across the globe we are seeing havoc in weather and mysterious animal deaths. We cannot expect to live the way we do and exploit resources for profit and not have major consequences.

We must stop raping the earth just to get money. Lets implement the Equal Money System and start taking responsibility for our mess and stop this massacre of nature.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

High Court rules that residents must have acces water???!

Really? Do people need water?

It takes a high court to get some much needed relief to residents living(surviving) next to a dump site in Johannesburg. They make a living by scavenging materials at the site. The court ruled for the city to provide water and sanitation facilities. What about food? Is that too much to ask for? Should one even have to ask?

''The court criticized the city for being slow in implementing its constitutional obligations to address housing needs.''

This is happening all over the world. Nobody in a position of power cares about peoples needs.

Let it be that we don't need courts or charities or donations or random acts of kindness to provide for EVERYBODY.

To ensure life from birth to death for everyone vote for equal money system.

Monday, 18 April 2011

We the people will always be last in a world based on profit.

I saw in the news that South Africa's road accident fund, which helps compensate people who are in accidents, has a deficit of R45 billion. The Fund has been insolvent for 30 years.
Its only source of funding is a very small fuel levy portion.

The reason why money is not being invested in this is because it does not make money. It does assist with the well being of the people, but alas it does not benefit the government to allocate more funds to this.

Its like this the world over. Every institution that works to the benefit of the people -to make our lives better - Is always underfunded or not supported by the governments. You will notice that before elections political parties will be very helpful, but they only do it so that we vote for them. They don't care about the people. All we are to them is one tick on a paper, one vote - while spending millions to get you to give a tick.

To look after the need of the people does not produce profit. Therefor it is neglected. That is how our world system works, look around.

This will change with a equal money system, where the needs of the people will be priority. This can be done because profit will not be an issue, necessary funding will not be a issue so we can take the steps to build better lives.

What live would you choose?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A state of Emergency that is not urgent.

How can you declare a state of emergency and then keep it there for 50 years?

Emergency implies urgency. This was a move done 50 years ago to give the regime power over the people in Syria. Over 200 people have died for a cause to simply lead better lives.

Unfortunately revolting and putting someone else in charge is not a solution, because the problem lies in the system. The very system we created and live by everyday.

There simply is not any way to support everybody with our current world economic system, it is designed so that the majority suffers to benefit the few. If you see people dying because they have no money then you know the system is working, doing what it is supposed to. That is why world hunger still exist - the only way to end it will put the system into in-balance. It cannot support everybody

The whole world is in a state of emergency! The only way to lift it is to change the system into a Equal Money System. That way everyone can live a better life because everyone is provided for.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Man Kills his Wife, Son and Father After refused a Loan

A man in china killed 10 people with a hammer including his son, father and wife after he was refused money to prop up his struggling business.

Many are struggling to make a living in this world. The stress and fear of not having enough money to provide 
for yourself or family can take it toll. And all because we need the money.

This will keep on happening if we continue with our current economic system.

Let us stop this with a Equal Money system.

Food Cost Pushing Millions into Poverty

This is nothing new. If you can barely afford food, and the food prices increase, then obviously there is going to be a problem.

Food prices already increased by 36% since last year. Pushing 44million people into poverty.
But it happens every year. All Prices increase. There are no provisions made to ensure people will be able to feed themselves.Its like murder, because we increase the price and people die.

The system is falling apart. And no real solution is being presented by our leaders, because of the way our world system is designed there is no solution. Its about profit, and no profit is made by giving people basic needs like food and water. It is dependent on charities which doesn't work, because we still have a problem.

So then the solution lies in a change of the system. We need a System that makes sure that everybody has access to water, food, proper housing and electricity as well as sanitation. For these are our basic human necessities and thus a human right and should not be seen as a privilege that must be paid for. The only way to do this is with the implementation of a  Equal Money System.

Then only can we focus on placing Life above all else.  

Friday, 15 April 2011

Marine's suicide - Let us End PTSD

Former marine Clay Hunt committed suicide. People are saying that it was most likely PTSD. This is a serious problem and is happening to many soldiers.

''Up to 31 percent of soldiers returning from combat in Iraq experience depression or post-traumatic stress disorder that affects their jobs, relationships, or home life, according to a new study by Army researchers.''

This is the affect that war has on people. It totally destroys them. The things they go through and see are horrific - they see how humans really are.

And for what? We say we fight for our country, but we all live on earth. What is it our country is fighting for? Money? Power? Greed? What makes it my country - I am Born here and now i must die protecting it. All the while those in power continually  neglect the need of the people, but you must die for them.

How can we expect others to move past such horrific events when they are exposed to it daily? Every hour 8 woman are being raped in South Africa, there are constant wars going on. People are killing each other just for money. Look at the news - nobody cares enough to find real actual solutions.

The are programmes aimed at helping those with post traumatic stress disorder to move past it, but the best solution is to PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING. We can do this with a Equal Money System.

With an Equal Money System there will be no war. No countries to die for, no signing up in the army just for the money. No putting people in situations to kill or be killed. No PTSD.
We will not need armies and waste resources that could be used for making life better for EVERYBODY.

We are more than 7 Billion on earth. Day by day there are more people suffering. All because of a world system that doesnt provide support for everybody.

It time we make Life more important than money and any other self serving agenda.

Vote for an Equal Money System

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Not Enough Electricity or Not Enough MONEY - Eskom

South Africa's electricity provider, Eskom, warns that there might not be enough power this coming winter for all South Africans.
They deal with this problem by 'load shedding''. Which is basically cutting power off for a region for a few hours to allow another region to have power.

But It's not the lack of power thats the problem, its the lack of money. They have neglected service of equipment because of money and now we are paying for it.

And because they don't have the sufficient funds to make sure they can produce enough electricity for all by introducing more effective generation methods and equipment, we are left in the dark.

Want to end Load Shedding? Everybody needs electricity, it makes life easier. everybody has a right to electricity. With an Equal Money System we can allocate the necessary resources to be able to provide electricity for everybody. We can research effective ways to deliver.
We can construct more effective, safer power plants. There will be no limit, because we wont need money to be able to deliver what we all are entitled to.

Can you really function effectively and practically within this world without electricity? Then why should you pay for it?

Vote for a Equal Money system to end Load Shedding and Power shortages

Monday, 11 April 2011

Millions Spend to stay in power while people Starve

A mining company, Aurora Empowerment Systems,  that owes its mine workers over R4.5 million pledged R1 million to ANC government at a fundraiser. This After a miner killed himself, because he couldnt provide for his family due to unpaid salary.

The co-owner said: '' If there are any means to support the ANC, we will do so, no matter what''.

At the fundraiser more than R5 million was raised. Political parties spend more than R500 Million on campaigns,
Just to make sure you vote for them and to stay in power. What is done with that power is obviously not putting the needs of the people first.

Money is more important than life. Corruption has become normal and accepted behavior by many because that way they can have more money.

This is unacceptable, this system must change.

We can end this bullshit with a Equal Money System. Let us take out the need for money to provide for our families, to survive.

Why must people starve while those who are placed in power to help only make sure they stay in power. Only look after themselves.

This Must Stop, Vote for a Equal Money System.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

SA Foundations still shaky

Basic infrastructure in South Africa is on the brink of collapse or rapidly deteriorating. This includes water, health care, schools and sanitaion.

These are all basic needs that we use daily, but it is unstable. The reason for this is inadequate attention to maintenance - in other words money not effectively directed by the government. To allocate the necessary funds would mean less money for self interest means.

With an Equal Money System we will always make sure that people get the optimum amount of care. Because then Life would be more important than Money.

we can make sure that the basic infrastructure is in the best condition possible.

Pirates becoming a global crises - Solution with Equal Money System

Ocean Pirates are becoming more ruthless by the day. They are causing companies millions of rands and making the ocean a fearful place. Last year has the highest pirate attacks and hostages taken.

Close to 600 people are being held hostage, some longer than 6 months, they are held for money, tortured or used as human shields.

The government wants to protect the people on the ships by giving them weapons, but say that its difficult because some sell off their weapons.

The need for money is what drives the pirates - the need to survive.

This world doesn't take care of everybody so most are forced into crime. We take out the need for money to survive and we stop crime.

We do this with the Equal Money System where everyone is provided for. Where there will be no need to risk your life to stay alive by becoming a pirate.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Man Commits Suicide Because of no Money

''Johannesburg - A Pamodzi Gold miner who was owed R170 000 in outstanding wages by Aurora Empowerment Systems has committed suicide, the Solidarity trade union said on Friday.'' - News24

He and his wife and daughter has lost everything because of the non payment. The fact that he couldn't provide for his family took a toll on him and he ended his life.

Tragedies like these can be avoided in a Equal Money system because we wont need money to survive and provide basics for our families.
No more unnecessary deaths - Be one vote for a Equal Money System.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Toll Road makes the people suffer more

With the new gauteng toll road, that would make people pay about 66c a litre, basic food prices are expected to rise. And with the petrol price being through the roof this will also increase food prices.

There are already people not being able to pay for basic food in order to survive. Now they have serious problems. There are no real permanent solutions being investigated by the government.This world system is not designed to support everybody.

An Equal Money System would be a solution.

There will be no taxes.
There will be no price hikes.
There will be no toll gates
There will be no need for money to survive.
There will be no poor people.

The solution - Equal Money

Frog Numbers Down in SA - Save Earth with Equal Money

It is no secret that our environment suffers because of human population along with animals big and small. But we are not finding solutions to this.
It is not only our human presence but rather a lack of understanding what consequences our actions have to nature. The need to make money predeceases the consequence of polluting the environment.  

With the frog population decreasing is South Africa along with other species we are facing massive problems.
The problem with finding solutions in this world is that they cost MONEY. So if you don't have enough then you cant do anything about it.

So then the real issue becomes money.

The real solution to this is a Equal Money System. With this system we take out the need for money to survive.
This does an interesting thing - It will decrease pollution and allow earth to breathe.

Many of the factories and mining business are only there to make money. We don't actually need gold. There are already alternatives for coal available and we can start researching new forms of energy. These things are not researched because it would cost a lot and doesn't make money. What it does it cause some people to make less money.

Save the Frogs With an Equal Money System along with the rest of Earth.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Tail Docking for Dogs - The Real Reason behind it.

Tail Docking is when when they cut the tail off puppies. The reason why people want some dogs with short tails is because they are used to seeing the kind of breed with short tails.In previous years people paid less taxes for dogs with docked tails. This doesn't apply anymore today, but because we got used to it it now continues.

There is no practical reason for docking. In fact they struggle to balance with short tails and the procedure is very traumatic since veterinarians are not allowed to do this, breeders does this themselves.

So this all started because people wanted to save money. Money is the primary cause, it set off a butterfly effect where dogs tails are still cut off.

This could have been prevented with an Equal Money System. Where you wouldn't have to  pay less for a mutilated dog.

It all comes down to the need for money. If we take that out there would be allot less abuse.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Woman killed and mutilated her child.

A woman stabbed her son to death and then cut of his ear and private part to make it look like a muti killing.
She says that she killed him, because he was the source of all her problems.

The psychologist said that the womans dysfunctional family, lack of stability since childhood, stress and abuse were all contributing factors.

All of the above caused by lack of money.  

An Equal Money system takes out the stress of survival, provides stability from birth to death. The lack of money causes most families to be dysfunctional.

This is why an Equal Money System is needed, to prevent these events from happening.

Friday, 1 April 2011

A Solution For Unlimited Fresh water - Equal Money

Fresh drinking water is becoming scarce, because we as humans are polluting  it  faster than the earth can purify it.
There are solutions to this. There are devises that can purify Millions of liters of polluted water a day and make it suitable for drinking. All we need to do start.
But it cost money. It is available, but not the money to buy it so once again money keeps us from solving this problem.

With an Equal Money System everything would be done to make sure everybody has fresh water to drink. Why? Because if we don't drink water we die, it common sense. Its a given. Its a human right.

We can even start researching more effective ways to distribute fresh water.

Fresh water for all, including animals, Equal Money - press the link and read about it more. Do it.