Friday, 15 April 2011

Marine's suicide - Let us End PTSD

Former marine Clay Hunt committed suicide. People are saying that it was most likely PTSD. This is a serious problem and is happening to many soldiers.

''Up to 31 percent of soldiers returning from combat in Iraq experience depression or post-traumatic stress disorder that affects their jobs, relationships, or home life, according to a new study by Army researchers.''

This is the affect that war has on people. It totally destroys them. The things they go through and see are horrific - they see how humans really are.

And for what? We say we fight for our country, but we all live on earth. What is it our country is fighting for? Money? Power? Greed? What makes it my country - I am Born here and now i must die protecting it. All the while those in power continually  neglect the need of the people, but you must die for them.

How can we expect others to move past such horrific events when they are exposed to it daily? Every hour 8 woman are being raped in South Africa, there are constant wars going on. People are killing each other just for money. Look at the news - nobody cares enough to find real actual solutions.

The are programmes aimed at helping those with post traumatic stress disorder to move past it, but the best solution is to PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING. We can do this with a Equal Money System.

With an Equal Money System there will be no war. No countries to die for, no signing up in the army just for the money. No putting people in situations to kill or be killed. No PTSD.
We will not need armies and waste resources that could be used for making life better for EVERYBODY.

We are more than 7 Billion on earth. Day by day there are more people suffering. All because of a world system that doesnt provide support for everybody.

It time we make Life more important than money and any other self serving agenda.

Vote for an Equal Money System