Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pirates becoming a global crises - Solution with Equal Money System

Ocean Pirates are becoming more ruthless by the day. They are causing companies millions of rands and making the ocean a fearful place. Last year has the highest pirate attacks and hostages taken.

Close to 600 people are being held hostage, some longer than 6 months, they are held for money, tortured or used as human shields.

The government wants to protect the people on the ships by giving them weapons, but say that its difficult because some sell off their weapons.

The need for money is what drives the pirates - the need to survive.

This world doesn't take care of everybody so most are forced into crime. We take out the need for money to survive and we stop crime.

We do this with the Equal Money System where everyone is provided for. Where there will be no need to risk your life to stay alive by becoming a pirate.