Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chernobyl donations fall short of goal

A donor conference is seeking $1.1bn to clean up the disaster site and make it environmentally safe.
They were only able to gather a total of $785m so far.

Other countries that would have donated couldn't due to economical difficulties or pending elections(To stay in power in more important that providing assistance).

This nuclear accident happened in 1986, and its still not sorted out. Just because there is not enough money.
The resources are available, just not money.

In A Equal Money System where Life is the Priority all necessary resources will be allocated to any disaster stricken place. There will be no waiting for years like in Haiti while people suffer, but swift effective relief - because we wont be limited by money. We can then focus on the more important aspects of living to make sure everyone has enough.

Nobody owns the planet, it is here for everybody.