Sunday, 17 April 2011

A state of Emergency that is not urgent.

How can you declare a state of emergency and then keep it there for 50 years?

Emergency implies urgency. This was a move done 50 years ago to give the regime power over the people in Syria. Over 200 people have died for a cause to simply lead better lives.

Unfortunately revolting and putting someone else in charge is not a solution, because the problem lies in the system. The very system we created and live by everyday.

There simply is not any way to support everybody with our current world economic system, it is designed so that the majority suffers to benefit the few. If you see people dying because they have no money then you know the system is working, doing what it is supposed to. That is why world hunger still exist - the only way to end it will put the system into in-balance. It cannot support everybody

The whole world is in a state of emergency! The only way to lift it is to change the system into a Equal Money System. That way everyone can live a better life because everyone is provided for.