Monday, 4 April 2011

Tail Docking for Dogs - The Real Reason behind it.

Tail Docking is when when they cut the tail off puppies. The reason why people want some dogs with short tails is because they are used to seeing the kind of breed with short tails.In previous years people paid less taxes for dogs with docked tails. This doesn't apply anymore today, but because we got used to it it now continues.

There is no practical reason for docking. In fact they struggle to balance with short tails and the procedure is very traumatic since veterinarians are not allowed to do this, breeders does this themselves.

So this all started because people wanted to save money. Money is the primary cause, it set off a butterfly effect where dogs tails are still cut off.

This could have been prevented with an Equal Money System. Where you wouldn't have to  pay less for a mutilated dog.

It all comes down to the need for money. If we take that out there would be allot less abuse.