Monday, 11 April 2011

Millions Spend to stay in power while people Starve

A mining company, Aurora Empowerment Systems,  that owes its mine workers over R4.5 million pledged R1 million to ANC government at a fundraiser. This After a miner killed himself, because he couldnt provide for his family due to unpaid salary.

The co-owner said: '' If there are any means to support the ANC, we will do so, no matter what''.

At the fundraiser more than R5 million was raised. Political parties spend more than R500 Million on campaigns,
Just to make sure you vote for them and to stay in power. What is done with that power is obviously not putting the needs of the people first.

Money is more important than life. Corruption has become normal and accepted behavior by many because that way they can have more money.

This is unacceptable, this system must change.

We can end this bullshit with a Equal Money System. Let us take out the need for money to provide for our families, to survive.

Why must people starve while those who are placed in power to help only make sure they stay in power. Only look after themselves.

This Must Stop, Vote for a Equal Money System.