Monday, 25 April 2011

Jesus is Coming 21 May 2011 - Specifics

So according to some calculations and intensive reading between the lines people have come to a conclusion that Jesus Christ is coming in  21 May 2011 and take his believers and pass judgment.

If this was true then all of humanity will go to hell. Have a look at your thoughts and feelings and actions - if you are self honest about it then you will see that you are constantly living in sin.

We have made a mess of this world and it is just piling up. War, murder, famine, abuse, rape, corruption, stealing - This list can go on and on.There is no clear solution being presented by our leader.

But according to christian believe this is OK, it is OK that our earth is slowly but surely being destroyed and it is OK that billions suffer because of how we live in this world - Because Jesus will sort this out. He will come and take the few believers send the rest to hell and then destroy the earth anyway. Along with nature and all the animals and creatures that had to endure the abuse of humans. Does that not send up a red flag? What about the animals?

That is actually brutal.

Now when that day comes and Jesus doesnt arrive, what then?
Most will come up with some sort of excuse or delay the date. And maybe some will see past the delusion and take self responsibility to start sorting out THIS reality by means of a Equal Money System

That is the real savior. Not only will it ensure a better life for ALL humans it will also ensure a better life for All animals and ALL of nature. And the equal money system it will be so for eternity.

Don't wait for heaven, bring heaven here with the Equal Money System.
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