Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Crime Prevention non Existent

Im reading a article about people living in poor towns where the crime rate increases every year.

Rabie Ridge is a town in South Africa with a population of 1.3million and only 140 police officers. 5 years ago there were 266 house robberies, 19 hijacking and and 77 theft out of motor incidents compared with 469house robberies, 71 hijacking and and 237 theft out of motor incidents  last year.

Alcohol and drug dependence plays major role in these crimes.

But the real issue here is survival. They have a choice to steal or go hungry and die - what would you choose?
Our world system is based on money, if you dont have money then you cant survive. And we cant expect the political leaders to save us and solve this problem, because the system is at fault.

So let us then change this system into a practical, functional and effective system that provides for EVERYBODY always. This will drop the crime rate almost 100%. The ultimate crime stopper - Equal Money System.