Friday, 29 April 2011

Yes, More Destruction with Super Tornadoes in US

At least 297 people killed and thousands injured as the biggest tornadoes in 40years hits US.
People only had 24minute warning to get out of harms way, which was not enough time because the tornadoes were simply too powerful and wide. it obliterated entire towns.

This after the US was struck recently by a number of tornadoes. We are only in April now and there has been MAJOR destruction across the globe.

So what now? Is there money available to assist those people affected to restore their homes? Obama is already spending millions just for elections. There are already  people sitting without homes, why not help them? If he does suddenly assist these people struck by disaster then what is going on?

With a Equal Money System immediate action will be taken to assist people struck by disaster. And research can be done to verify if people should still live in areas where natural disasters strike. We can easily relocate people, because money wont be an issue. Its all about Life. No more the need for risking yourself to live next to a active volcano because that is were you were born and to move will be costly or put you without a job.

Dont be fooled, there is alot of space for everybody to have homes in this world, Its massive. And allot of space is wasted on factories and industrial building all in the name of making money. Which will diminish.
Then there is also those empty 11 cities in China.

Its time we work together and each stand up for a life worth living. Let us bring in the Equal Money System