Saturday, 16 April 2011

Food Cost Pushing Millions into Poverty

This is nothing new. If you can barely afford food, and the food prices increase, then obviously there is going to be a problem.

Food prices already increased by 36% since last year. Pushing 44million people into poverty.
But it happens every year. All Prices increase. There are no provisions made to ensure people will be able to feed themselves.Its like murder, because we increase the price and people die.

The system is falling apart. And no real solution is being presented by our leaders, because of the way our world system is designed there is no solution. Its about profit, and no profit is made by giving people basic needs like food and water. It is dependent on charities which doesn't work, because we still have a problem.

So then the solution lies in a change of the system. We need a System that makes sure that everybody has access to water, food, proper housing and electricity as well as sanitation. For these are our basic human necessities and thus a human right and should not be seen as a privilege that must be paid for. The only way to do this is with the implementation of a  Equal Money System.

Then only can we focus on placing Life above all else.