Thursday, 7 April 2011

Frog Numbers Down in SA - Save Earth with Equal Money

It is no secret that our environment suffers because of human population along with animals big and small. But we are not finding solutions to this.
It is not only our human presence but rather a lack of understanding what consequences our actions have to nature. The need to make money predeceases the consequence of polluting the environment.  

With the frog population decreasing is South Africa along with other species we are facing massive problems.
The problem with finding solutions in this world is that they cost MONEY. So if you don't have enough then you cant do anything about it.

So then the real issue becomes money.

The real solution to this is a Equal Money System. With this system we take out the need for money to survive.
This does an interesting thing - It will decrease pollution and allow earth to breathe.

Many of the factories and mining business are only there to make money. We don't actually need gold. There are already alternatives for coal available and we can start researching new forms of energy. These things are not researched because it would cost a lot and doesn't make money. What it does it cause some people to make less money.

Save the Frogs With an Equal Money System along with the rest of Earth.