Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Not Enough Electricity or Not Enough MONEY - Eskom

South Africa's electricity provider, Eskom, warns that there might not be enough power this coming winter for all South Africans.
They deal with this problem by 'load shedding''. Which is basically cutting power off for a region for a few hours to allow another region to have power.

But It's not the lack of power thats the problem, its the lack of money. They have neglected service of equipment because of money and now we are paying for it.

And because they don't have the sufficient funds to make sure they can produce enough electricity for all by introducing more effective generation methods and equipment, we are left in the dark.

Want to end Load Shedding? Everybody needs electricity, it makes life easier. everybody has a right to electricity. With an Equal Money System we can allocate the necessary resources to be able to provide electricity for everybody. We can research effective ways to deliver.
We can construct more effective, safer power plants. There will be no limit, because we wont need money to be able to deliver what we all are entitled to.

Can you really function effectively and practically within this world without electricity? Then why should you pay for it?

Vote for a Equal Money system to end Load Shedding and Power shortages