Friday, 22 April 2011

Benefits for 80 000 Britton addicts

''More than 80 000 Britons claim payments for long-term sick leave because of obesity or drug or alcohol addiction. Out of these, more than 21 200 alcoholics and drug addicts have been receiving the payments for over 10 years'' - News 24

The benefit program was designed as a way to assist people who have problems due to addictions and obesity and are unable to work, so that they can get back on their own feet and start working again.

Instead what it does is trap people in an endless cycle of addiction and depending on the the benefit payments.
The real issue is not being addressed here - Our Economic system.

It doesn't work for everybody. Most struggle just to stay alive for their whole life. This is a future that awaits many on this earth - suffering.  So then drugs and alcohol becomes a way of escape.

The proof is the pudding.

How can we stop this viscous cycle that has been going on forever?

By ensuring a Future of Certainty and Stability from the moment you are conceived till the day you die.
With the Equal Money System( follow link).

There will be food for everyone, water, housing, education. All the basic needs of the Human to be able to live effectively. Because inst that what you would like?  And we wont have to pay for it.

Investigate this solution to life.