Monday, 18 April 2011

We the people will always be last in a world based on profit.

I saw in the news that South Africa's road accident fund, which helps compensate people who are in accidents, has a deficit of R45 billion. The Fund has been insolvent for 30 years.
Its only source of funding is a very small fuel levy portion.

The reason why money is not being invested in this is because it does not make money. It does assist with the well being of the people, but alas it does not benefit the government to allocate more funds to this.

Its like this the world over. Every institution that works to the benefit of the people -to make our lives better - Is always underfunded or not supported by the governments. You will notice that before elections political parties will be very helpful, but they only do it so that we vote for them. They don't care about the people. All we are to them is one tick on a paper, one vote - while spending millions to get you to give a tick.

To look after the need of the people does not produce profit. Therefor it is neglected. That is how our world system works, look around.

This will change with a equal money system, where the needs of the people will be priority. This can be done because profit will not be an issue, necessary funding will not be a issue so we can take the steps to build better lives.

What live would you choose?