Friday, 1 April 2011

A Solution For Unlimited Fresh water - Equal Money

Fresh drinking water is becoming scarce, because we as humans are polluting  it  faster than the earth can purify it.
There are solutions to this. There are devises that can purify Millions of liters of polluted water a day and make it suitable for drinking. All we need to do start.
But it cost money. It is available, but not the money to buy it so once again money keeps us from solving this problem.

With an Equal Money System everything would be done to make sure everybody has fresh water to drink. Why? Because if we don't drink water we die, it common sense. Its a given. Its a human right.

We can even start researching more effective ways to distribute fresh water.

Fresh water for all, including animals, Equal Money - press the link and read about it more. Do it.