Thursday, 31 March 2011

Students cant afford Education.

Police were forced to fire rubber bullets and tear gas at students who were throwing glass and rocks at the police causing chaos. The Students are protesting, because the universities are to discontinue the “gap loan” scheme, affecting more than 2 000 students who relied on it.

They say that the money available for this scheme to continue is not sufficient.

So the main cause for this unrest is money.

With an equal money system Education will be a given, because Everybody has a right to an education. Its common sense. There Will be no more of this bullshit that you need money to survive and to survive you need a job and to get a decent paying job you need and education, and to get an education you need money!

It doesn't work. There are too many people left out here.

Equal Money For education for all. No more bullshit.