Sunday, 27 March 2011

Toxicity of our Minds - Poisoned Earth

In South Africa we have a mayor issue that threatens to infect water resources.Basically With mining you have to pump water out of the mine daily to keep it from flooding.When the mining companies are finished with the mine the pumping stops, which causes the mine to flood and overflow.

The water should be treated before it leaves the mine, but this cost too much money. So the acid mine water pollutes everything in site. In South Africa there had been a dispute for who is to be held responsible, and as the years went by while they were fighting the water levels raised and overflowed into rivers and dams.

They are only now stating to look at practical solutions, there are many but it cost to much. Time is wasted, because there is already 40 million litres of sour mine water being spilled in the Tweelopiespruit each day - Killing all aquatic life and making people sick. It has been reported that some hippo's have gone blind from the acid water.

The only reason the mining companies and the government doesn't want to do anything about it is because of MONEY.

The Water is being fucked and they care more about money spent.

With an Equal Money System this could have been prevented. Unlimited resources allocated to purify the water before it became a problem. We wouldn't even have this problem as with an equal money system we wont need gold. There is already enough mined and caused too much damage. Time to stop.

Greed is the poison we use to make this earth toxic.