Monday, 7 March 2011

70 ostriches starve to death!

''Around 40 carcasses of adult ostriches and 30 dead chicks were found at Beestekraal Farm on Saturday, NSPCA spokesperson Grace de Lange said in a statement.'' - News24

Events like these are happening all around world everyday. Horrific deaths that could have been avoided.

''The animals were not fed because the farmer was in financial difficulty and could not afford feed, De Lange said.'' - News24

So because of money the birds were left to die. There are about 630 ostriches left on the farm that survived when the NSPCA got there and started feeding them.

This is why a Equal Money System is needed, so that the reason '' ...because i have no money'' can disappear.
This event could have been avoided with an equal money system.
Because you dont need money to get food to those who need it. The food is available, but because we all need to survive and the only way to survive is by making money the food has to be bought.

Equal Money system to end starvation.