Friday, 11 March 2011

Is this world worth saving?

The majority would say no, and the few that say yes are the lucky ones.

I have had a good life so far, so personally I have nothing to complain about. But when I look at  how most of the people live in this earth, and when i start to see how people truly are, i cant help be disgusted by it.

I know from experience what humanity really is, we are a sick species out to fulfill our inner desires no matter the cost. As long as we get what we want, nothing else matters.

Then comes the question - What would I do to change the world into something worth saving? Worth Living in?

What needs to be done.

It starts with me.

The Desteni ''I''Process  assist with changing self, so that we see how our behavior is abusing ourselves and others and our world. It shows and teaches how one can be self directive and effectively change behavior so that it is supportive, for self and others and the world.

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