Sunday, 6 March 2011

Equal Money System is the permanent solution to water shortages

Durban South Africa could face water restrictions in 2012. This is mainly due to low rainfall averages in the region. Basically we have a period of wet years and then a period of dry years and we are now entering the dryer period. (according to

This causes a problem because there is a limited budget to provide water. And there are quite a few incidents were water pipes are leaking or breaking because they haven't been serviced due to the lack of money.

There is not enough enough money to solve this issue, but the resources are available to effectively provide water for all in South Africa.

They are planing to build more water recycling plants (Yes we drink our own shit, it is a practical use of sewage), As well as sea water purifying plants.

With an Equal Money system we can make sure that everyone has fresh water to drink. We have the technology available and the resources.
We can then start to look at the environment to see how our actions have affected earth and take measurements to correct it.

With unlimited resources we can achieve more and provide more for all so that no being suffers unnecessarily.

Equal Money System is the permanent solution to water shortages in the world