Wednesday, 9 March 2011

VIP more important than the people!

''Pretoria - Wanted: 48 Persian rugs, 45 works of art, 300 sets of cutlery of "pure gold material", 15 decorations, silver teapots, cups and saucers, placemats and serviettes with the state coat of arms, linen for the bedrooms and 300 sets of eight kinds of glasses.'' News24

These items are required for a presidential guesthouse. The argument here is that very important people come to the guesthouse and they expect a certain standard to show them that they are special and above others. And it sets a certain image that South Africa is grand.

Never mind the people who needs the resources, the government needs to set a standard.

All who reads this can agree with me that it is totally unnecessary, and resources should be allocated to those who need it and with an Equal Money System we can do that.

Fuck how things are presented, Fuck VIP's  - What makes you more important than another? MONEY!

End this Bullshit
Equal Money System NOW!