Tuesday, 29 March 2011

By-laws need to 'accommodate slaughter for rituals.

People want by-laws for senseless slaughter of animals for ritual ceremonies. (Yes, senseless because you are killing a being based on a believe)

This after animals rights activist statement that they should stop because of animal cruelty, but the people say that they have the right to practice their religion freely.

''The commission recommended that communities continue to slaughter animals for cultural and religious purposes, but that care be taken to consider the rights of other people who might be sensitive to the practice.''

Consider the right of the people??? What about the animal? The ego of the human that believes himself to be above all and therefore the right to kill any he deems lessor.

This has to stop. If the religion is important and requires some animal to be scarified I would suggest an volunteer from those who believe in it.

If your actions harm others and is not in the best interest of all then it must stop.


Ingrid Bloemheuvel said...

We have a similar discussion over here in The Netherlands: so far the freedom of Religion is considered more important than the animals sacrificed and suffering because of 'freedom of religion' - such arrogance and stupidity