Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour Ridiculous

Out of 8760 hours a year we give this planet 1.

And the rest those ours we exploit the earth for money. Its main focus is to spread awareness of the damaging effect we as humans have on earth, but in truth nobody cares. I switched my lights of for one hour...

It does not help, because in this world money is more important than the earth. And until that changes all efforts will be in vain and utterly pointless.

That is why a Equal Money System  is suggested. Then we can give earth 8760 hours a year support to start fixing shit, if we are still able to repair the damage we have done, because when everyone's basic needs are met and no longer need to survive the earth becomes a priority. Ultimately without earth, We die anyway.

Want to save the Earth? Equal Money System is the answer. Follow the link for more details.