Tuesday, 24 January 2012

2012 – Christian Party Shocked at Poster…Seriously???


A picture showing a mixed race couple in a embrace was shocking to the Christian Democratic Party in South Africa saying it promotes sexual immorality.

Over the years Christians have made a lot of complaints about anything that goes against their religion. They go as far as making statements saying how unhappy it makes them and demand to get their way. And it usually involves things like sex or something some public official  said  that doesn't correlate with them.

What I would like to know is why the churches And Christian Parties don't find daily starvation shocking. Or a homeless man on the street shocking. Why don't people find daily life as we live and know it shocking? Why don't pastors look for permanent solutions? Why are they not doing statements and complaints on how unacceptable it is for people to go hungry?

Why only make a big deal on trivial points like posters? Its very easy to complain. But here the clincher – They don't have the answer OR a permanent solution to make life better for every being on earth. Its all about the after life – it only matters where YOU are going and not what you leave behind.

So earth and everything in it doesn't really matter – because it is only temporary and will with the coming of Jesus be destroyed by God along with trillions of other beings who share the earth with us humans.

IF all lived by the words of Jesus ‘’ love they neighbour as thyself’’ this world would have been a lot better. But nobody does – there's always conditions attached.

This life and this earth is all there is. This is it. This is all that matters. Now, we could wait and watch as we humans destroy the planet hoping some higher power will save us OR we can take action NOW and start the process by shouting out what is unacceptable and what must change to make this world heaven for everyone. And that is exactly what is being done with the development of the Equal Money System.

IN The Equal Money System it will be shocking and quite unbelievable to find starving people – Poverty wont exist anymore. Its a system that works for EVERYBODY.

Time to make a stand end the ridiculousness of making big issues out of nothing while ignoring that which is important. Make a stand with us. Its time we bring honour back to living.

Join us at Desteni.