Thursday, 2 February 2012

Go(l)d Kills 400 and Poisons 2000 Children–At Least we got the Gold


In Nigeria a Gold mining operation of gold has resulted in lead poisonings of 2000 children and already killed 400.

The extraction process of the mining caused lead to contaminateDollarGoldStandard the water and soil the people depend on. Children are more susceptible  to lead poisoning than adults.

Now here is an example of how gold has indirectly killed and causing great suffering. And our first response to this is anger towards those who were responsible for the contamination. But who are ‘they’?

‘’They’’ being you and me – We are responsible for those deaths. It was all done in the name of Gold. We all participate in this economic system by using money and thus agree to it. This implies we agree to all aspects of the money system – including the pain and suffering.

Gold/Money has killed billions and caused immense suffering for millennia and is actually slowly destroying nature. Obviously it is the human that made up gold to be special and made themselves to believe that paper with ink on it  has real value. Its doesn't.

There is too much suffering going on in the name of money/survival and it has to stop. That is why the Equal Money System would be a solution. Because then life would be more important than Gold or money. Gold would be seen for what is really is – essentially useless. No more will people suffer in the quest for survival – because everybody will have enough always.

You might be thinking ‘’ there is not enough resources on earth for everybody’’. Right now there enough food to comfortably feed 12 billion people. We are only 7 billion yet people are starving. Its all to keep the money system going. They have to throw away the extra food to keep the money flowing. Its economics. And we all agree to it daily.

Lets end this non sensical system and replace it with common sense – Equal Money. Join us and stand for a solution to the idiocy of mankind to end the age of stupid.