Monday, 6 February 2012

Burnout on the Rise–Why are people Burning Out?


Here is a common definition of what burnout is: images

  • a condition that evolves slowly over a period of prolonged stress
  • wearing down and wearing out of energy
  • exhaustion born of excessive demands which may be self-imposed or externally imposed by families, jobs, friends,
  • a feelings state which is accompanied by an overload of stress and which eventually impacts one's motivation, attitudes and behaviours.


There is a significant increase in the number of people being affected by burnout. Mostly its the work related burnout that is on the rise. People are getting more and more stressed out and are placed under more pressure due to companies who laid of workforce to save money.

Burnout is costing the economy $57 billion apparently according to some study done. (who does these studies anyway and are you really sure you can trust it?).

These is actually a awareness programme to tackle this syndrome being managed by companies – because in the quest to make more money the people suffer so they want to educate the people to deal with burnout so that they can get them back to work faster to make more money and thus the cycle continues.

So burnout is a purely a psychological point caused by capitalism. People are being pushed too far to make a extra buck.

With the Equal money system Burnout would end. No more will people forced to work all their lives just to survive. And no more will people be pushed to the brink of death just to be able to eat. Its simply unacceptable and something i would not want for myself. Would you want that? No – then lets end this madness and create a world free from this bullshit.

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