Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Homeless Man Arrested for not Giving Physical Address


A homeless man that is a convicted sex offender got arrested because he failed to notify police that he moved out of the dumpster he listed as his physical address.

Being a sex offender he is required to give his physical address to authorities. They found him at a homeless shelter and arrested him and now faces a 3 year jail sentence for not giving his new physical address to authorities.

How can you expect a homeless person to give a physical address?! He is homeless!!! This is the state of our law, it has so many loop holes that is used by the criminals that it no longer makes any real sense.

If you apply common sense to LAW then most of the laws will have to be rewritten or thrown out. The law is made so that abusers can get away.

Its is abusive and must change in a way that is supportive and protects Everybody. We all know the law system is ridiculous, but we do nothing about it. Let us bring in  Common Sense Law with the Equal Money System and put an end to criminals walking free and deceptive lawyers in it for the money.