Friday, 13 May 2011

Overpopulation Not the Problem


puzzle_piecesThey mention in the ‘’Planet Earth Series’’ that overpopulation is one of the causes for endangering wildlife and reducing the quality of nature and the environment.

They say that the earth can approximately only handle about 1 Billion humans living on earth based on our current lifestyle. The human race will reach 10 Billion people by 2050.

This earth cannot handle 7 billion with our current way of living. So is reducing the population the only option? No. We need a new way of living.

With an Equal Money System earth can comfortably support everybody on earth without harming the ecosystem or endangering species.

Much of our resources we take from the earth are wasted -Millions tons of food gets thrown away – recourses are used on inferior low quality products that break easily just to make money.

Instead With a Equal Money System we can find effective ways so that nothing is wasted. For instance all products like cars, computers, cell phones ect, will be of top quality that will be designed to last. Everything that is made would be designed to last.

That act alone will reduce the resource use significantly. Food will be produced and made available in such a way that none is wasted.

Nothing will be wasted as there will be no disregard for Life in the name of greed. So this way we wont need an apocalypse to wipe out humans for our stupidity.

Earth is our home that we share with other beings. If Jesus comes 21 May to take the worthy and burn this planet we should tell him to either Fuck off or join us to bring heaven here to earth.


Ingrid Bloemheuvel said...

Besides the points you mention - population will decrease because people simply will not have (that many)children anymore. Proper birth control will be available for EVERYONE for instance. And having many children for economical reasons will be no more either.
So, Equal Money will also beneficial from that perspective.