Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Heaven is Make Believe


Stephen Hawking – ‘’heaven is a fairy tale’’

In a world were Suffering, Pain and death  exist – is part of our daily lives – we must have something to keep us going. Something to look forward to and to make life worth it – To Hope.

Heaven is that something. Like a bedtime story so that we sleep better at night. Bliss awaits us at the end of the tunnel.

So it doesn't matter how much we endure in the quest of survival we can be rest assured that there is a spot in heaven waiting for us. Like when we were children and believed in Santa and the tooth fairy – heaven is also another fairy tale. Some of us simply needs to wake still. 

Let us look at the following:

Earth is filled with enough resources for everybody to live. What decides who gets access is money.We need money in order to live on earth. As most are aware that is not easy. This need for money touniverse survive can be terrifying, and most don't have enough to survive so they anything to get money - crime. Those with money see what happens to those without money and will do almost everything to make sure they have enough money.

This spawns all sorts of problems  on earth – crime, war, famine, poverty, greed ect. Also it is were the story for heaven came from. It is something to look forward to and makes all earths suffering worth it.

Time to grow up and see it is all make believe. Time to wake up and look around, earth is our home – earth is real. Instead of wasting time and energy hoping and waiting for heaven when we die – why not make earth our heaven?

What would heaven on earth entail? All Beings have access to earths resources. All be rest assured as the need for survival no longer exist and all can truly live. Certainty that there will be food on the table – sufficient good quality food – from birth to death. Were we all wont have to work all our life. End of corruption and crime along with 99% of all earths problems. No need to believe in heaven as earth will be our heaven.

This can be done with a Equal Money System – a practical heaven for all.

For this man has to change as well. Why is compassion limited by money? We have programmed ourselves to be effective in a money based dog eat dog world system. Now we have to change to live in heaven.

But we still need money to survive. The solution would be to change ourselves so that our actions are what is best for all – and at the same time make money to be financially stable in this current world system.

With this we have Desteni I process – (click the link).

And here we have real solutions that everybody can apply practically in this lifetime to bring heaven on earth.

Stop Hoping and start Doing.