Sunday, 22 May 2011

Watermelon crops Become Fields of Landmines



Farmers have cleared out 45 hectares of burst watermelon in eastern China. In a attempt to make extra money the farmers overused  growth chemicals which resulted in the watermelons bursting open and state media dubbed them ‘’landmines’’.

Many farmers make use of illegal pesticides or are misusing them as well as fertiliser. There is also a wide spread overuse of additives like dyes and sweeteners that the retailers hope will make the food more attractive and boost sales.

This is obviously a problem. The food industry is all about making money anyway possible and that is not easy. This creates competition. And with competition there is desperation and abuse.

45 Hectare of watermelon is allot of food that is wasted. There is actually millions of tons of food wasted everyday just to keep prices under control.

In a Equal Money System instead of competing to make money from feeding people, we end the need for money to survive. Instead of thousands different food distributers we have one main worldwide agricultural department. We can then focus on making sure that every being has enough food. We end world hunger. Not only the humans but the animals as well. They are suffering a great deal and go through all kinds of hell just to get some food. We have to find ways to end their suffering as well.

This is only possible in a Equal Money System